Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Young Love's Ups and Downs

A Cute girl... meets a cute boy...
together they hang out with cute girl's BFF...

Cute boy finds more interest in BFF...
Cute girl finds another cute boy with a different hair do'

New hair do' cute boy likes cute girl...
Cute girls still BFFs!
Thank you to these 'cute' teenagers for this super cute photo shoot!


Shelby said...

This is totally cute!! The winner pic is the jumping in the air one. I lifted it off your blog, so thanks!!!

Natalie. said...

Love it Erin! Totally mastering the "shooting into the sun technique." Nice!

kellieanne said...

I love the jumping in the air photo! And leave it to you, Erin, to put all these cute photos into a story. What good looking teenage models you had! Fabulous.

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