Thursday, February 21, 2008

Part II: Young Love...

These teenagers were the best and I have to admit, they put up with a lot while we were working on this photo shoot that I was completing for my photography class from Nicole Hill. I love her website because she profiles great photographers and her awesome photography. Since breaking into the 'photography' world is not that easy, I am sooooooo grateful that she has taught so much. I try to read up as much as I can, but there always comes a point when I don't quite understand the exact mechanics of the problem. This class has been a great class to take. My other favorite photographer...and perhaps probably my most Mrs. Natalie Norton! Natalie is also a 'new' and exciting photograher that really pushes the creative limits. I could spend hours stalking her blog...and to be honest, I probably do. So Thank you to these two awesome photoghers: Nicole Hill and Natalie Norton!


kellieanne said...

Is it because you are such a fantastic photographer that these pictures are fabulous or is it because the teens are so good looking you could never go wrong? A bit of both I think!

Natalie. said...

U R A Q T. Totally.

shelly said...

It looks like you're a darn good photographer yourself! Very nice pictures. I'm in LOVE with the picture of your little boy with the yellow background on the header of your blog. Beautiful!

jase said...

The youth are much different than over here, I forgot that. But they are all very cute.

nicole hill gerulat said...

great photos, erin.. thanks for the sweet post!

i'm ye-lin. said...

hey! you take great pictures! awesome skills you have there! :D said...

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