Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just another reason to 'shoot' your kids

I felt as though I would die, that is, perish right in front of the entire church congregation. My husband and I are fair weather friends of the church choir, we go when we feel they need the moral support. By all means, I am no great singer, and although my husband can carry a tune, he would agree that we are merely there to fill in body space. Our church choir is small in numbers and often has as little as 3 men singing. On this particular Sunday, we were singing a beautiful hymn for the congregation. We had worked on this number for quite some time, and we were preforming with our newly called choir director.
My youngest son has deep attachment issues, so my husband opted to bring him with us onto the stand. He fussed a little so Mark let him sit on the chair on the stand as we stood and sang. 1/2 way through the song I heard a low toned deep sound emanating through the building. At first I thought a plane was flying overhead, and then when I heard the low boom again, I thought perhaps a large diesel truck was passing by. It wasn't until I heard the disrupting sound the third time that it occurred to me to sneak a quick glance over to where Teddy, my youngest, was sitting. HE WAS GONE! No, that's not quite right, he wasn't quite gone. He was at the organ pounding away as hard and as loud as he could. A woman out of the audience rushed up and grabbed him, which immediately sent him into a screaming fit (remember he has attachment issues). At once the entire congregation followed him out the door with their eyes and then burst into muffled laughter.
If I had my camera on hand, I definitely would have shot him in the act! Here are some of my favorite kids shots I took over the last 6 months. Have you caught your kid in the act lately?


Unknown said...

Piper did that with the piano at sacrament a while ago too. It was very embarrassing but everyone else got a good laugh out of it.

tammy said...

Kids are such fun! Of course, my kids would never......

Natalie. said...

Love the last one. Classic. I came by however for my weekly fitness fix. Where fore art thou?

Rach said...

cute kids, I love the holding hands running down the street. The last kid is darling, but his body look disproportionate....i think the pose. BUt still cute.

Nikki said...

hehe. I love that Teddy.

Just SO said...

Aww I missed that! LOVE the pictures, they are fabulous.

kellieanne said...

The worst is to see your 12 year old picking his nose on the stand behind the bishopric after the sacrament has been passed and he was chosen to be the runner for the bishop. We had a candid talk after that one.

Unknown said...

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