Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday's Fit Tip Mania!!!

...and mania it has been today! The alarm did not go off this morning, and when I say alarm, I mean baby waking at the crack of dawn. How wonderful it felt to wake to the chirp of bird and not the squawk of baby. What time is it? I wondered as I leaned over to check the time on my multi-purpose cell phone. AGGGHHH! I slept in, George would be late to school, Mark would be late to work, and the whole house would just implode. Frantically I raced through the house throwing some bread and crackers in a lunch bag for George, getting breakfast for the other boys, and prodding George along so he would only be mildly late.
In all my squabble this morning, I forgot to eat breakfast, and by the time I remembered to eat the only thing that lay in front of me was a large pan of cream cheese brownies. Of course I made the logical decision to forego the healthy bran cereal in the cupboard and I dug into, not one, but three cream cheese brownies.

Can you see where I am going from here? No, not straight to junk food city, but to my weekly blog entry. When it comes to a fitness plan, most professionals will agree that your success is dependent upon what you eat. Some will go as far as to say it is 90 percent what you eat and 10 percent physical activity. Although I think this statement takes the idea too far, it does accentuate the need for a better diet.
There are certain habits that set us up for failure and certain habits that lead to success. One of the worst habits you can have is skipping out on breakfast. A healthy breakfast jumpstarts your day and speaks wonders to the little guy in your brain called self-control. If you want to have success throughout the day, the most important decision to make is when and what you will eat for breakfast. Choose a breakfast high in fiber and satisfying in protein, like a high fiber cereal and low fat or skim milk, scrambled egg whites and fruit, protein shake and an apple. But whatever you do, don't skip out on this most important meal. Eating a healthy breakfast will start you off on the right track and help ward off strong hunger cravings that you would have had, had you not eaten a healthy breakfast. Choose a healthy breakfast and you will be choosing success!


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I love the picture of you working out but what I love even more is that your favorite book is the Giver!

Just SO said...

Mmmmmm cream cheese brownies. I had pancakes. Not the best but not cream cheese brownies either. ;)

kellieanne said...

I guess my mint 3 Musketeer didn't count this morning. There is always tomorrow . . .

Unknown said...

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