Sunday, April 24, 2011


My sister has seven kids. I have four. That means, she has practically twice the amount of kiddoes running under foot than I do. Twice the mess. Twice the chaos. Twice the noise. So up until we visited her I thought to myself, why would any sane person have more kids than I have because I can't even keep up with the four that I have. And then when I was staying at her home in California, I remembered.

Because they're so sweet and cuddly. And they look up at you like this:

Isn't this little gal so adorable? I can understand the temptation to have another one, so sweet and cuddly and cute. Is this a spew of my own future desires? Heck no. I'm still set with my four...especially after Ruby and Teddy made sure everyone in church heard their uncanny ability to mimic a machine gun during the sacrament. That was a treat. But in all honesty, I love my four. I'm grateful for the manic joy they bring me every day...especially today when my thoughts are on all that the Lord has given me. Manic chaos and all, I've certianly be blessed.
Happy Easter.
luv, erin


Kahilau said...

That baby is BEAUTIFUL! I love your manic happiness comment. It is so true. Kids are a blessing, ALWAYS a blessing, it's just easier to see it as such sometimes more than others. Your kids are beautiful and wonderful, you and Marc are amazing parents!

Sara B. Larson said...

Great post. And don't worry, Gavin likes to very loudly announce "Here comes the bread! There's the water!" over and over during sacrament every week. Gotta love kids.

Kira said...

AH- don't you just 'love' children sometimes? while in St. George Jay and I went to a random church for sacrament meeting. My boys were horrible! (Kennedy, an angel, as usual). The topic was reverence even, and I may or may not have cussed at my children. I was SO happy we were at some random church where we would never again see a single person, and then 2 of Jay's students and their families found him after the meeting. SO lame.

Anonymous said...

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