Thursday, March 10, 2011

withdrawal. an ode to sugar.

I am
a crack addict
not really, but holy hell it feels like it

one of the lovely ladies at the PG Rec Center ate a doughnut!
In front of me.
Can you believe that?
The sweet smell of sugar glaze was like fire to my nose.
Burning my olfactory system with maple sugary goodness.


Itch. Scratch. Itchy. Scratch. Scratch. 

I want me some SUGAR!

Withdrawals suck. 
38 days from now, I'm going to feel like a friggin' rockstar. 

38 days to go. 


SummShine said...

Hang in there! A question: are you allowed to drink sugar free crystal light? If so then try it because I found it helped with both sugar cravings and meaningless munching cravings as well.


Unknown said...

Umm... You know what this post makes me want to do don't you?

Nikki said...

Actually, your cravings will decrease greatly by the fourth day off sugar.

Sugar-free stuff doesn't decrease cravings. In some incidences it increases them. It's just chemical cheating. Don't do it.

I'm still considering jumping on the bandwagon. a couple days late for lent though.

It might be easier telling yourself you just have to get through this week. At that point, and if sugar is out of your house as well, it will be easier. You'll be so trim!

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