Sunday, March 06, 2011

to mark.

I know it's cliche it is to say, "time flies," but there isn't another phrase that can accurately describe how fast the years of our marriage have passed. It seems like just yesterday we tied the knot, moved to a cozy apartment in Springville, and started our exciting married life together. It's funny, really, to think of how poor we were back then. How we scraped by on $800 a month. How we once walked by the Springville Taco Bell together and my mouth watered something bad, but it just wasn't in our budget to buy even a taco. How could it be on $800 a month?
We were the poster children for poor married college students. Living on nothing but love.

I used to curse our stinking poorness, and pray for the day when I could go to the grocery store and buy whatever I wanted to buy.

Shari, your older sister, once told me that I'd look back one day and miss the struggle, and the small apartment, and the nights you and I walked up and down the block because that's all we could afford to do.
At the time Shari was talking to me, I thought, Yeah Right! But it's true. Even though I love our lives now, our four kiddoes, our lazy fat dog, our home and careers, I do miss those early days. And at the same time I'm so glad we've moved on. The last dozen years have been littered with trials. Ugh, more than I wish to count. Finances, loss, moving, children, worry, much to remember, and I'm sure there's so much more to come. But the crazy thing is, as I sit here and try to remember all we've been through together I keep getting stuck on the "we." The trials fade from my thoughts and all I see is You.
You, by my side.
That's all that's important.
I'm grateful that you're the one that's gone through it all with me. You are an amazing husband that is my equal, or better, in every way. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't thank the Lord for blessing me you as my companion. I hope our next dozen years will be as wonderfull hard and sweet and rich as the last dozen.

Happy anniversary, Mark. luv, erin

Now, if you've read through all my sap today, and you want to see some amazing pictures of our recent trip to Key Biscayne, Florida, go check out my photo blog:


Weight Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Such an awesome place to spend it!!!

Finn and Tracey Family said...

i love mark too. and so does finn. happy anniversary!

Fred said...
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Julianne Donaldson said...

I love your sap. Happy anniversary!

tammy said...

Mark just might be my second favorite man ever. But not in a creepy way. You are blessed to have each other! Here's to another bunch of years!

Kahilau said...

How beautiful! You can't ask for much more in a marriage than that! Awesome!

Leslie said...

can't believe it's been that long! congrats and Mark is an awesome bro-in-law. Now I know why I had that "it's like dancing with my brother" feeling when we went to that oh so fabulous PGHS dance and I wore my stunning sweatshirt. ha ha - seriously though - you two are a great match and I'm very glad to have Mark as a terrific brother.

Anonymous said...

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