Tuesday, February 08, 2011

true dat.

If you know my Teddy, you know he's certianly not quiet. He often says what's on his mind where ever we are. Take for instance church: "Mom, that lady is fat or she has a baby in her tummy." It's not ever a question, but his simple observation.

Of coure each time he comes up with something tactless, I shush him and explain that saying what you observe isn't always a nice thing to do.

But there are other times when his observations are simply true, and I have to smile and pass it on. For example, Sunday's discovery.

We walked into the house after church on Sunday, a bustle of flinging off coats and dropping bags. Out of the chaos came a loud Teddy voice.

"Mom, Grampa is black and Gramma is white."

"What?" What is this kid talking about?

"Mom," he said in a most persistant voice. "Grampa is black and Gramma is white." His eyes widened as the truth dawned on him. "They are not the same!" He repeated this over and over again.

"Well," I explained, "Grandpa is dark because he's Hawaiian and Grandma is white like snow because that's how she was made."

"No," Teddy argued, his mind firmly made up. "Grampa is black. He's black like Bubba (our black labrador). And Gramma is white. They are not the same at all."

I chuckled...because what more could I say. True dat!

So kids, you see, opposites attract.


Kristine said...

That is so funny! Your parents are so cute. Teddy is so dang funny!

Kayleen said...

Teddy cracks me up! Love that little guy! Nice photo of your parents. :)

Kahilau said...

Your parents are so cute. The look an awful lot like mine, too my kids have never said Papa is black and grandma is white. I would die laughing. Once when I was younger I did call my mom "pork, the other white meat." Ok, so I was like 13 or so. She laughed but it dawned on me later that she really did not think it was very funny, one of my many "FILTER WHAT YOU SAY" lessons. Go Teddy, you are awesome!

So much Love! said...

oh, I love this picture of your parents. Every time I run into your dad at the store I am reminded of how fun he was to have as a bishop. He truly is a good man. I don't remember a lot of your mom but I always thought of her as a "speak your mind" person. Funny that Teddy is that way. (You speak your mind....never!)

SummShine said...

Just a couple of weeks ago Evie shouted out, "They are black!" during sacrament meeting, as some investigators where sitting down. We had to remind her, out loud, "Just like your best friend Zandi," in an attempt to not offend them.

By the way, Excellent work on your parents photo. Glasses can be exasperating in how they reflect light but you have handled it very well!

Haley Hale said...

I love it! (And I love your Mom's hair in the picture!!!)

Malinda Jane Sieg said...

I'm sorry, you don't know who I am since I just clicked on your blog link off of a comment my sister made on your picture on facebook (It is a slow night). I just couldn't help but let you know that your dad was our Bishop about three years ago! In fact, I just snuggled my youngest son in a blanket that your mom made us when we had our first child. Great parents! Tell them Malinda Sieg said hi.

Anonymous said...

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