Thursday, February 10, 2011

to Amazon, love me.

to Amazon:
you rock
Not enough
You're awesomer than awesomesauce squared
No, that's lame
You make my heart burst with joy when you leave packages on my porch
Crap, now I sound desperate
I'm drawn into you, pulled endlessly into looking at your books
Creepy...and pedofilish

When I buy books from you, I feel like a happier me.
Peace out.


Nikki said...

Dear Amazon,
Why didn't you tell me I could buy diapers in bulk and have them delivered to my door with free shipping? And why didn't I know about Amazon Mom until today? Had I known that I could be buying diapers through you at nearly half the price I currently am, I could've saved buckets of money and you would have a loyal customer. for life. And now you do.


Shari said...

I completely concur. (As I am waiting for a package from them right now with three wonderful books, too, although not the same as yours.) Enjoy!

The Dixon Family said...

I just finished Torment. Now I'm wondering about the other two you ordered.

Anonymous said...

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