Monday, February 14, 2011

sick, sad, and sweet.

Today I shot a bride.
It was a beautiful bridal/groomal session, that once I edit will remind me why I love to shoot.
As for now. I hate it.
Not the bride and groom, but the shooting part.
Why? You ask.
Because the equipment costs so dang much.
And on a beautiful sunny, warm, February day like today, I was a complete idiot.
My light, hooked securely to a stand, toppled as soon as the wind blew.
And in that moment, the very moment I'd stepped away to take a shot with out the light, my new (only used twice) expensive light hit the ground with a crash and BROKE!
Son of a %#$!
Heck yes I was PO!
But, I finished the shoot. And thanks to an awesome bride and groom that are equally stunning, I'm sure my shots will look wonderfully delightful.
As for my light.
It's broke.

So I fumed at my own stupidity all the way home.
And when I walked in, cursing this very Valentine's Day, I found a delightful treat that practically made me cry. So beautiful. So delectible. So helpful to erase my worries...well for all of 2.7 seconds that it took me to down the sweet bliss of cookie.

Thank you amazing friend that makes equally amazing cookies. You are my Valentine!


David Summerill said...

Sorry to hear about the light. I killed one this year too. Right after starting work at a company photographing their products to sell on line, one of the lights came crashing down on this huge model race car. The car survived but the light shattered. They were cool about it and I won't be making that mistake anytime to soon again.

Julianne Donaldson said...

Oh, man, that has got to hurt! I'm so sorry about your departed light.
On a side note, you are dead to me. Dead. Happy Valentine's.

Kahilau said...

Such a bummer, it was like when Mike was shooting for Kristen at the Capitol and he dropped his camera. The lens, BUSTED! So sad. Sorry to hear about that. But hey, look at the up side, you have amazing friends who seriously make INCREDIBLE cookies, I might have a hard time eating something so beautiful, MAYBE!

Anonymous said...

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