Friday, March 05, 2010

Old People. Pirates. And Funny Me.

First, my mom goes by Jo even though her name is Julianna.  And because she does, we named or little Ruby, Ruby Jo, after my mom.  Now that you understand that, you can understand how clever of a child I am when it comes to my mom. 

See, she came over for dinner.  Why?  Well she had some sort of eye-surgery today.  So of course there had to be heckling over her, hm hm, appearance. 

Finally, like a bolt of lightning hitting me, inspiration came as we sat eating stir fry around the dining table. 
I said, "Hey, what do you can an old lady, with white hair, and an eye patch?" 
The boys, said in unison, "what?"


Bah ha ha ha.  Oh clever me. 
Having a pirate as a mom is awesome.

Here's Scurvy Jo and Pirate-Eye Teddy!  Two of a kind.  Now we know where Teddy got his 'good' looks.  ha ha ha...I crack myself up.


Nikki said...

You naughty girl.

Leslie said...

Hope she doesn't make you walk the plank after this post. har, har har!

Weight Family said...

So when Kenedy was 6 months old she scratched my eye and it scratched my cornia. I had to wear a patch for a few days, funny thing is it was Halloween. Haha, yeah I felt like a dumb crap.

i'm erin. said...

Aw, Kira. That stinks. But I bet you were a dang cute pirate.

Shari said...

Your mom is so cute, even with the patch. Hope she heals quickly and well. The fact that you're funny goes without saying.

Jason, Tiffany, and the Crew said...

Your mom always makes me happy, and what a good sport! And yes Erin, you are clever...I confess I did giggle :) Tiffany

JoMamma said...

I agree that your mom is a good sport.

Ella said...

LOL! I love your MOM! Way cute pic of her and teddy! Oh ya I love that little teddy bear too! He is so lovable! I can't believe he ran up to me in costo and just started hugging me! He really don't know me that well, SOOOOO cute! You crack me up too!

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its simple love said...

random weird anonymous comments. so annoying...

anyways, I have a surprise for you on my blog! I hope you accept the fun little thing. I love reading your blog!


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