Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Target Practice

This last weekend I thought I'd run up to Salt Lake and scout some new shooting locations. I'm always on the lookout for texture, patterns and simply a great feel to a location. With my super awesome willing model--Asenath, and another great Photog friend--Loni, we ran up to Salt Lake and shot with only a 1/2 hour of good daylight left. I loved the urban feel of these shots and the great pop of color I found in the crazy orange wall. I definitely will travel up here again. If you're a photog and you're on the look out, this is just off of the 4th south exit in Salt Lake City. Happy Shooting!

If you've found a great location you want to share with me PLEASE, leave the address on my blog! Thanks a bunch, erin.


Kristina P. said...

GREAT location.

Kayleen said...

That's funny . . I drove by there last month and thought "That is a fabulous location!" I'm glad you felt the same. Fun pics! Your model is beautiful! :)

tammy said...

Very nice!

Asenath said...

dear Erin,

I adore you.


Unknown said...

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