Monday, September 21, 2009

Photography Contest!

For all you photographers out there, my friends over at Prodigital Photos in Pleasant Grove have started a monthly photo contest. Entering contests is an excellent way to hone your photography skills. It challenges you to see details in otherwise bland spaces.

This month the theme of the contest is "Water". Dig through your water shots from this summer or go out and take some new ones, and email them to:

or check out the Prodigital Blog at:

The contest ends on Friday. Make sure you email a picture before then.
Good Luck! You Can Do It.


Leslie said...

You know I won't be entering. Give me about 5 years until I'm up to par!

Veronica said...

What a nice post. I just found this blog from you visiting mine. Thanks for the great post, you're the best!! You need to enter too, I'm serious. :)


Unknown said...

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