Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Bro - Big Sis . . . Chaz and Morgan

If it seems like I'm posting a lot of pictures lately, then that should tell you what I've been doing all day. EDITING. I love photography. I love editing...but maybe not so much when it consumes everyday of my life.

I did love the editing of these. Mostly because I did hardly anything. The lighting was great, the subjects AMAZING. Thanks Morgan and Chaz for having me shoot you. My favorite of this shoot was the Sun Flare shot. I am a sucker for sun flare.

p.s. If you call and (as always) I don't pick up my phone, it is because I am neck deep in editing or shooting for the next week. I miss you world!


Weight Family said...

WOW! Those are some seriously good-looking kids! Good pics, too; as always.

Nick and Emily said...

wow she's gorgeous!..... I hate her!

Unknown said...

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