Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Famous WRITER!...or, soon to be...

I just wanted to brag now that I know these ladies before they are famous. Since they are all on their way to publishing, does that make me cooler now?
I had too much fun at the BYU-writers for young readers conference. (aka. loads of ladies laughing and loading up on lots of Love...ok, so I'm a sucker for alliteration. Really it was a freakin' awesome conference for writers, or soon to be published writers). Here are a few clips from the event.
1. Me and (SSS) Super Spectacular Stacey-writer extraordinaire and famous book critic.
2. (LWL's - Lovely Writing Ladies) The Chick Lit group - a load of lovely ladies who love 'LOVE'

3. (NBFA- new best friend author) The one and only Janette, did I mention that she is totally my BFF?
4. (ABF-armpit butter friend) Such a studious shot of Julie Donaldson-soon to be published Regency author. Watch out Mr. Darcy, here comes Miss Julie.
5. (Laracy -Laura and Tracy Hickman team) Of course, the object of my affection in the story below - the TRACY HICKMAN!!! (so what if it's a side shot...that doesn't mean I was stalking him, just taking a friendly 'side' shot)
6. (CSE - cute shoes editor) Miss Marino here will be my editor!
7. (M.E. - mini editor) Not because she hardly edits but because she is TINY! Love her...and her cute button self. She too might be my future editor.
8. (The Necromancer) - so I totally don't know how to say or spell his last name, but I do know it is a lot like 'necromancer' which is a totally legit Fantasy word. He WILL be my agent.
9. (NBFA-see above) Another shot of the lovely Janette...did I mention we are totally BFFs? 10. (LWL's) And you can't write about love with out embracing one of the greatest love series in the last 100, what book do you think I'm talking about?
Yes, I had a freaking awesome time. I learned a lot. I am that much closer to actually publishing my own LOVE story. Maybe then I'll get more than one reader. Peace Out! My 5 Fav's From the Conference
A. Writing an impromptu story about love spawned from warming butter in one's armpit.
B. Passing my manuscript to Editors from under the bathroom stall.
C. Becoming 'just as good of friends as I think we are' with Janette Rallison.
D. Finding a future wife for my cousin Jarom...what a dream boat.
E. Gaining 5 pounds


I am a mother! said...

LOVED this post! The apple picture is SO FUNNY! Way to go after your dreams and have fun doing it. Thanks for you nice words on my blog.

Kristine said...

Sounds like so much fun! So proud of you for all you are doing. Sounds like you and Peggy will be on a high for months!

Sara said...

It was a blast!! We should all try to stay in touch and get together again soon. :-) I love your blog btw - very cute and fun!

Melony said...

what no quippie cute comments about me!??? I thought we were like sisters now(or maybe we're not as good of friends as I think we are:() my book? What about that? I got hearts from you all over my manuscript!!! :D sooo kidding Love you tons!

Allyson Condie said...

I absolutely loved meeting you (again...since we met at BYU all those years ago). I know your book is going to be published! I have a feeling about these things. ;)

Kayleen said...

Erin! I'm so glad you had a fun time! Love the photos (yes...even the side shot)ha ha!
Good luck with your book!

Just SO said...

Is she your new BFF like Long Duck Dong was? Awesome.

And I fully expect a signed copy of your book.

Janette Rallison said...

It was soo fun to hang out with you! Thanks for making the class fun. And taking great pictures. And organizing our MnMs. And you know, finding a guy for my daughter. What more could a teacher ask for?

Peggy Eddleman said...

Ahh. Good times. And is there anything NOT to love about Janette Rallison?

I loved the author I was with, but DANG! Your class had a lot of fun.

big8smiley said...

I totally thought I was your BFF! LOL! It looks like a sweet weekend! Mark is so kind for letting you out on these outings! :)

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