Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The time has come to admit the truth...

Many years ago I sat on a hard vinyl covered bench, waiting for my mother to pick me up. I was a 7th grader at Wheeler Intermediate School, a small school in central Oahu, and I had made my way to the nurse's office because I didn't feel good. I felt hot and sticky and leaned my head toward the open window, hoping to catch a cool breeze. That wasn't very likely in the middle of September in Hawaii. Between the unbearable thick heat and my rising flu-like symptoms, I felt TERRIBLE!
Across the room from me sat another dark skinned girl. Now that I think about it, she probably didn't look that different from me, long dark hair, deep brown eyes and red dirt stained feet that hung over her slippers. She nodded to me and asked, "You sick or wat?" Nani, was her name, I knew her from my English class.
"Yeah, my mom's coming." I volunteered the extra info.
"oh, I got da ISS." She offered back. ISS stood for 'In School Suspension', and I wasn't surprised Nani was detained for it, she often was the center of attention...and not in a good way.
I just nodded back to her, and laid my head back down by the window. Within minutes, the door swung open and in walked a tall, haole lady. "Erin, I'm here." She said to me as she walked over to the counter to sign me out. Nani perked up. "Eh, who dat?" She asked in her think pidgin.
"Oh, it's my mom."
Nani looked at me confused, so I added, "I'm adopted. She's not my real mom."
"Ohhh" Nani said, "She's real haole, yah?"
With a small smile, I replied, "yah."

It's been over 15 years since I told that story, and since then I have probably misled quite a few more people. But I would now like to admit that the 'tall haole lady' is actually my REAL MOM! Yes, I know, she is fair and tall and thin...I, on the other hand, do not seem to posess those same attributes; but, let the truth be known, she is my mom. I love you mom!


The Price Family said...

HA you are funny. you look like your mom too!!! I miss you Erin!!!

Just SO said...

As I read that story I was thinking "What? Erin's not she?" LOL!

Your mom is awesome.

kellieanne said...

I would totally claim your Mom! She is a crack up - just like you!

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...
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Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

I deleted the last comment because I forgot a couple of words, so here it is...

Erin, I used to laugh and pee my pants when I read a funny story. But ever since being pregnant I can just read a funny story and without the physical laughter, can pee my pants. So thank pants don't thank you...but I thank you for the funny writings of your early years.

I miss you more than Doretha does...ha ha!

A. said...

That is so funny! Kelly use to tell people that I was the adopted one. lol

OH, and what's up with us missing out on the tall thin part of our moms' side? (Although, you keep in great shape thanks to that aerobics you live by. Wish I had the same drive.)

sanaejames photography said...

looks like you're doin' a lot of studio time! awesome pics! and i'm glad you are coming to terms with the fact that you have a haole mom. ha..ha..that just cracks me up.

Ipo said...

You are Hilarious!!

Unknown said...

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