Thursday, October 16, 2008


It is one minute before midnight, and I am still up because I have a list of items I need to get done around the being: update blog. 2 minutes ago I had such a strong, make me feel like I might puke, contraction that I actually considered going to the hospital. But, alas I am sure it is just my overstuffed body playing tricks on my desperately seeking to birth a baby mind. Either way, to pass the time and see if this is truly false labor, I have chosen to share with you a true and somewhat embarrassing moment out of my day.

I teach aerobics every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the local recreation center. I enjoy teaching there because unlike the big fancy meat market gym, there are little or no mirrors, friendly patrons who don't care if you are a little late, and ( comes another contraction.....hold on....) Crap! Now I can't remember what I was saying. Anyway, I like teaching at the rec.
Today I showed up for work, popped in a good CD and set up my equipment. My dear friend, Wendy, who is always very worried about my 9 months pregnant condition, took the risers from underneath my step and only left the step top! (If this atrocity doesn't make sense to you, then let me explain. This is like taking the chef out of the kitchen and giving him an easy bake oven to teach a class with...needless to say I felt like a pretty lame-O instructor for only teaching on a low riser of a step) I started the class and anytime I tried to start jumping jacks or plyometrics, Wendy shot me death if the plyometrics were going to kill me, she was. So I toned it down a notch and we completed a class of what I like to think of as Geriatric Aerobics.
We cooled down from the cardio and I was instructing the class to get out weights and a mat for toning when two very good looking young men came walking in the aerobics room. Yes, I thought it a little odd, but found myself dumbstruck when they came walking towards me. I smiled and thought about what witty thing I would say to them when I noticed their shirts. FIREMEN! What were firemen doing in my classroom?
"Mam, is there some way we could help you?" The first one started in. "We have an ambulance outside, and we can get you to the hospital right away." I stood there dumbstruck, beet red and soaked in sweat...Thinking back now, I suppose I did look like a woman in labor. I kindly declined their offer, but it didn't sink in. "There are two of us here, and we are trained in this sort of thing." The other fireman chipped in. I stood there mortified, in front of a classroom of sweaty women. "No thank you," I declined again and then found myself sharing my health history with them as I tried to reassure them I wasn't going to pop a baby out in the middle of the community rec center.
The firemen finally left and out of the corner of my eye I caught Wendy cracking up! She set me up! The firemen work out there everyday at the same time and she had them come in and check on me. Now the game is afoot! I too will one day have my fit of revenge!

Moral of the Story: Towel off before two cute gentlemen approach so you don't look like a giant awkward sweat bomb! ( is another one......I will post later with more info)


Kristen said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I love it. Definately WAR!

Just SO said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's hilarious! Why didn't you tell me about that when I was over chatting with you earlier?

OOOOOO.....Maybe a Baby today???
*Clapping hands excitedly*

Sarah said...

you are a crazy crazy woman. Miss you tons! I have a feeling you're giving birth as I write this. Please update us asap!!!

tammy said...

Your geriatric aerobic class sounds like just the thing for it too late to sign up? (if you forget to call me, I swear......)

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

that's hilarious! Hopefully we get some news/update soon. Can't wait to see your little one (or mine for that matter - but I'm alright holding off for anothoer week till my induction date).

I am a mother! said...

That is so funny Erin! You are the bomb to keep exercising all the way through your pregnancy. Can't wait till the baby gets here. When it happens I hope labor and birth go well for you both!

JoMamma said...

I love the story.

I just drove by your house to drop something off. You weren't there. Hmmm I'm going to have to send some firemen out to find out where you are.

Rach said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!! That is the best story I have heard all month!! TOO hilarious. I would definitely kill the friend. But still very funny.

Unknown said...

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