Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you ever feel bad when your younger kids get the shaft?

When George, my oldest, turned two, I spent weeks planning an Easter Birthday extravaganza! At that time I was also 9 months pregnant and days away from expecting my second. Yet, despite the similarities between George's 2nd and Teddy's 2nd, Teddy ended up with the short end of the stick, the lack luster party, the 'what can I throw together today' birthday celebration. I do feel slightly guilty that Teddy didn't have the all out, Easter Egg hunt, 20 toddlers running wild, birthday party that George did; but, then again I realize now that I was slightly crazed to have thrown such an extravagant party for a 2 year old.
This time around, there was no Easter Egg hunt (come on, let's face it, it would be too weird for that in October). Instead, we had friends and family come over for dinner, cupcakes, and ice cream. Teddy chowed down his chili smothered potato, blew out the two candles on his cupcake and then tore into his gifts...ignoring all the cool cars and stuffed toys for a piece of candy he found! All evening he answered a short growly "two" when asked how old he was and that my friends pretty much sums up the chain of events, so it was pretty easy to catch the important moments on film. Here they are below:


tammy said...

I love his slicked-down 'do. Happy Birthday Teddy-bear!!

I am a mother! said...

Sounds like a great party! I wouldn't worry about it not being as extravagant. I doubt 2 year olds will remember anyway.

big8smiley said...

Yes, I feel super guilty when my younger kids get the shaft, but there is really no way to even it out. Maybe you can put that extra money saved on the party into a college fund or something. I think the younger kids get different benefits, so I guess it all turns out! Cute pictures. :)

Camcorder said...

what about the eldest sibling getting the shaft? like when there are only four candies and five of you. If that's not sacrafice, then I don't know what is.

Carson "the beast of the mellott house"
P.S. I have a blog now too.

Carterista said...

I agree with Carson. The older kids are the ones who get the bigger shaft. Like when your parents have 7 kids and you're the oldest. The rules are more strict and the budget tighter. When only 3 or 4 kids are left at home there are treats in the house, nights of eating out, fewer crazy rules...There's no reason at all for you to feel guilty! His time will come.

Just SO said...

My baby girl totally gets a bum deal because her birthday and G's are only 4 days apart. I've done so much more for the other kids. But then I've also done big things for here.

To everything there is a season.

Teddy is adorable!

JoMamma said...

Teddy would have never known that his 2nd birthday was less than excellent, but you went and blogged about it. Oh now he is going to read this and blame all of him problems on the fact that he did not have an egg hunt for his 2nd birthday. :)

Unknown said...

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