Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photo Studio Fun

Earlier this summer I added a mini-studio to my basement; the perfect size for shooting kids or newborns. Unfortunately, I have been so busy with weddings, I haven't had much time to use the studio. Before I completely purge the studio room of all its equipment, I did take a few shots. (The room will be emptied, redecorated, and a walk-in-closet added for our new baby girl!!!...all this done upon my insistence of 'Yes we are finally having a girl after three boogery boys' CELEBRATION!)
Here are a few I took of a great couple and their newborn baby...I once fell in love with black background newborn shots after viewing many shot by Mark Lee of Holladay Photo...he is great!


The Van Leeuwen Family said...

these look great! So sad you have to take your studio down - but it will certainly be worth it - I'm sure her room will be beautiful (the rest of your house certainly is)!

Unknown said...

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