Saturday, August 16, 2008

CONTEST: Name my Baby

You would think after all these years of wanting and then desperately wanting a little girl, that I would have the perfect girl name picked out. NO! I do not! I am dead in the water, hole in the head, brainless, befuddled, cheese headed, beyond hope, completely out of my mind, no idea what I am going to name my baby.

Here is how the contest will work:
Disclaimer: (take in mind I have complete befuddled pregnancy brain right now and I cant be held responsible to be completely serious, so although this idea presents itself as a clever idea right now, it most likely will blow over to nothing. So, don't take me so seriously that you freak out)
I am taking suggestions for baby names, and those suggestions could be seriously considered with a sizable donation in monetary form. i.e. You pay me a good size sum of money and I will name my baby what you want.

ok, so maybe this idea is a little offensive, but I could really use some baby name help, so don't pay money, just share some names. What 'classic' names do you know of? Please leave the name and the meaning in the comment section.


Unknown said...

That's so funny- we had all girl names picked before we had kids and now we're not even sure if we even needed that list. To me, Elizabeth is a very classic name and has so many nickname variations so you can find what fits. Also, Katherine. My middle name is Catherine, but most people like to spell it with a K.
John said Emma is one he likes, but we'd probably never get to use. And Alison. You'd have to see what worked with your last name though. Good luck and Congrats! How much longer until she's here?

A. said...

Well, I'm too lazy too look up the meanigns right now, but here are some suggestions:

Molly, Martha, Ruth, Esther, Anabelle, Anne

OK, so those were ones that I thought would interest YOU most. ones I actually like ( :P ) are;

Candace, Autumn, Chloe, Judy, Libby (short from Liberty), Liv (Olivia), Penny (Penelope)

The Price Family said...

First tell us if you are going for traditional like the boys? Or are you going for crazy wild? Hi by the way .... I miss your face

I am a mother! said...

Classics: Elinore, Rebecka, Sarah, Emily, Grace...

I also really like Cloe and Zoe (pronounced with a long e sound)but they aren't really "classic"

sanaejames photography said...

Not classic, but since I have tons of girls...we've had to think up a ton. Here's a few that I would consider naming my daughter...if I was gonna have another. (planning not to b.t.w.)
-Rorie (like gilmore girls...always thought that was cool)

Robyn said...

Ok, most of the names I like have already been mentioned, so I put in another vote for: Elizabeth (Liz), Katherine (Katie), Alison is a great name (just ask my mom), and I love Chloe--that was one of my girl names this last time. (Good thing it was a boy, Caleb didn't like Chloe at all!) I also like the names Lucy and Myra. Myra was my great-grandmothers name, so it would fit right in with the whole "I'm going to name my kids like they are already 85 years old" theme that you have going! :-P I don't know the meanings on any of them--if you like the name then you can google it. (Do people actually look up the meanings BEFORE they use the name?) BTW, I am getting rave reviews on the great pictures you took for us!

Robyn said...

Ok, I just got my parents magazine and on the cover it says "226 Brilliant Baby Names". Most of them are probably not "classic" enough for you, but here are a few that you might like: (I starred my favorites)

Tyran, the Yeti Yogi said...

You have two kings and a president already, go with Elizabeth.

Shayleen Lunt said...

My names aren't too classic. I guess my most classic pickwould be Lucille. Or Lucy for short. That is one that I won't be using...Lucy Lunt...too geeky!

Bobbi said...

Wow. I'm really surprised. I told Justin as soon as I found out you were having a girl that I had no doubt that you would name your baby "Margo". I never dreamed you'd consider any other girl name. It HAS TO BE MARGO!!! I can't believe you'd even ask.

Bobbi said...

P.S. "Margo" is a French name and it means "Pearl"...It doesn't get any more classical than that.

tj said...

Hey, i thought it was gonna be willard? what about wilhelmina? he! he! ok, so since there is money involved... here are my three bits worth: Lolousi, LaLani or LaNani... three of my most tropical friends!

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I love that I'm not the only person around that has no clue what to name their baby.

My sil is totally into classic names - her girls are Hannah, Emma & next week will name her 3rd little girl Grace. I think they're darling. And me, well I'm all about semi-different names, something you don't hear every day but can still be spelled or pronounced. Some of my fav girl names are Brielle, Aunnika (it's a Dutch name & since my hubby is Dutch & served his mission in Holland/Belgium we'd like to use a Dutch name at some point & this is about as good as it gets), Elise, Kendall, etc.

Good Luck - & if you hear of any cute boy names in the next 10 weeks, let me know. I'm pretty sure we'll get to the hospital this time around & still not even have a "short list".

kellieanne said...

I never liked girl names.

So - I used the girly form of guy names in the Bible to pick out my girl names.

Gabriel = Gabrielle = Gabby

Samuel = Samantha = Sam (or Sammy)

It took Gabby starting school to realize her real name was Gabrielle because we seldom use it. She likes the name Gabrielle, we just don't use it that often. Sam wouldn't know we were talking to her if we used Samantha on her. She'll get it though.

So pick a name in the Bible you like and play with it.

Paul = Paula or Paulette

Joshua = Josephine = Jo

Whatever floats your boat. Have fun!

Jake Ben said...
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Ashley said...

I really love the name Adalaide it means of the noble kind. I also love Presley (its my daughters name) and it s actually a boys name and it means priest clearing.

VidEoGaMes WitH SoMe lOve said...

I personal like Emily and Amy. Those are my most liking ones.

Kristen said...


I love that name, and I can't name my girls that because, Tongan tradition, have to name after family.

And I don't know if this helps, but when Lillie was born, I didn't know what I was going to name her, but when she came and they laid her next to me, "Hi Lillie" jumped out of my mouth involuntarily. Like it was her name already and I had no choice! :) You never know! Well anyway, here's what Isabelle means:

Isabel (Iz-a ~bel) is a variant of the name Elizabeth (Hebrew) and is of Spanish origin. The name basically implies devotion to God and the fulfillment of a promise and means God is Bountiful or God of plenty as also God's promise. There are a number of variants of the name like Bel, Belicia, Belita, Izzie, Isabella, Isabelle and Izabell.
Isabella is the Italian version.

Mariko said...

Emma is my favorite name right now, but I also love Ada (sounds like "A-da", not "add-uh") and there are lots of pretty Japanese girl names.

Just SO said...

If we had another girl she would be named Vivian after my grandmother. But I do believe that is the name of "Angie and Brad's" newest little girl so I don't know if you want to do that.

Louise is always good. If you are looking for a name that goes along with the boys' names look into the pioneers.

What about Faith or Hope or Charity?

Winnie (I like this one)
Hester/Ester (Another one I like)
Polly (like this one too)
Harriet (although after Little House on the Prairie I couldn't do that to a girl)
Phebe (nother good one)
Ruth (I've considered using this one)

Anyway. There's a bunch for you to ponder on. Good luck!

Karina B. said...

Jesse says Soda (Seinfeld reference). I say, since George, Henry and Theodore are all U.S. President names, go with the name of the wife of a U.S. President. Martha, Abigail, Sarah, Hannah, Lucy or Alice.

Robyn said...

Laura--Little House On the Prairie and a Presidents wife! Love the comment by "Just So" about Little House--I agree, they ruined the name Harriet, and Nellie for that matter! I remember that Nellie ended up having twins, I wish I could remember what she named them. Also, I love Vivian, even though, yes, it is one of the names of Brad and Angelina's twins. Very classic, if you ask me--it just sounds so elegant!

tina said...

Hi Erin. I am a friend of Leslie. I love reading your blog. I love your photography.

On the name subject . . . my husband likes Hawaiian or polynesian names, but since we aren't either I told him no. Since you do have some of that heritage, maybe you can find a name that way.

I like Berkeley (like the college). Isabella is nice too, although I am not a fan of names that can be shortened in to nick names.

My husband claimed he got to name the boys and I could name the girls, but recently (within last year or more), he's also moving himself to thinking of girls names and therefore I think I am just DONE thinking of names! Both of my boys have unique, but not crazy names and I didn't like either of them at first. Luckily I had several months to get used to the name before they were born. :)

Loni Stevens said...

Hannah: Grace
Sophia or Sophie: Wisdom
Olivia: Olive Tree
Elsie: Form of the name Elizabeth
Grace: Grace of God
Maggie: Pearl
Abigail (Abby): Joy of the Father
Carolyn: Little Womanly One
Caroline: Song, Joy, Happiness
Claire: Illustrious
Leah: Red
Annette: Gracious, Merciful
Amelia: To Strive or Excel
Vivian: Alive
Loni: Heavenly ;)

Rach said...

I must say, that Margo has been one that forever I thought would be your girl. But I understand the need for more options. So here are some options:

Ella Jo
Jeanette - Nickname Ginny (GIN-ee)
Amelie (AAH-ma-Lee)

Ok, not a long list, but still some options

Patria said...

Margo is one of my favorites. I remember being mildly obsessed with Margot Fonteyn when I was a young girl, reading her biography with awe (even if it was her stage name).
I love Isabelle and Ada too. All 3names have been on my list of best female names for sure.
So excited for you!

Haley Hale said...

Okay, I think you tried to get me to name Emma "Margaret" and call her "Maggie." Or was it "Margo" that you were trying to get me to call her? Anyway, I also like the name Elizabeth and if we have any more kids (well, any more girls) that is what I am using. Try Jane Austen novels for good girl names.

Ticklemedana said...

I guess you're going for classic. Me? I once sat down and thought up names for kids and came up with 12 that I liked, 6 boys and 6 girls...since we're not related, you can use the girls if you like...not sure how "classic" they are, though i liked that person's suggestion about president's fav would be Jaqueline...anywho, here are mine:

MY favorite is Amaya Rain...Amaya actually means Night Rain in Japanese, so it goes together...

I also love the name Raven Julian...because my daughters will have black hair. And I love the name Julian for a Girl even though it's predominantly a boys name.

Lately I've been loving the name Harper...Harper Lee is one of my favorite authors...

and when I find my old journal, I'll tell you the rest! LOL...I can only remember the two...

I can only remember 2 of the boys names too...Ammon Hawk and Asher Ryan...

OOH...I LOVE ryan for a girl...I love boy's names for girls...=)

I like Dorian...means from the sea in Greek...have fun you nut!

Unknown said...

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