Sunday, August 24, 2008

Naming Conundrum

After reading all the great names that you have posted I have to say that I have at least created a list of names that I am leaning towards. Your names are great, and if you think of any more, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let me know. I do like the following list of names, but I have to admit that I am really torn between all of them.
There were more I liked but they didn't seem to work very well with the middle names that I have picked out. Now, I know that not every child has two middle names, but mine all do, so please don't laugh.

Her name will be (insert first name) Jo KaleilaniOnomoku Summerill.

I have picked these names because they are the names of two very important women in my life and women that I love dearly, my mother and my Grandma.

Here is my list of Favorites for her FIRST name:

Penelope (thanks Amy for this one)
Willa (like Willa Cather the great American author)
Adalaide (thanks Ashley for this beautiful)
Sydney (Mark served his mission here)

Ada (great name Mariko!)

and of course MARGO (but I don't think Margo Jo sounds good)


A. said...

Oh! Sydney is one I've always adored, but I just can't stand the "dn" issues. How people just skip over one of the letters or sound all hick saying it. Same with Peyton. I could just hear people saying, "Pey-en". Bleck!

Oh, and Penelope is hte name of my friends little girl and it's so cute to hear "Penny!" That and Penelope Whidmore isn't bad looking. ;)

Sidney said...

I personally like Sydney, except it should be spelled... Sidney.

SummShine said...

I have two neices that are named Abigail (abby) and Madaline (madie) I have always loved their names. I also like to go to I can either search for a name by the meaning,first letter, or search for the meaning by name. Good luck picking a name!

Leslie said...

I do not like Elsie or Sydney - just because they seem overused around here. Nor do I like Betsy, Dorothy, Betty, or Margo. They just seem so old fashioned and frumpy. No offense to Aunt Dot (but see - even she uses a different version of her name). My favorite is Willa. It seems pretty and feminine. I don't know if I'd use all of Grandma's middle names together - it's so long and cumbersome and certain people when they get older might just want to shorten it legally, ha ha. Seriously, filling forms out and telling everyone such a long name might get annoying to her. If you're already going with two names I'd just go with Jo and then one of Grandma's names instead of two together. Just my two cents.

John Ivie said...

Sydney is my favorite of those!I also like Ava or Eva, and Madeline!

kellieanne said...

I love Eliza Jo.

Naniloa Loop Scoop said...

I love that nme Willa-so cute. Sounds cool and not used so much. Anyway-my two cents.

Hope all is well...

Bobbi said...

Could you switch the two middle names and make it MARGO KaleilaniOnomoku Jo Summerill? Otherwise I like Maggie 2nd best. You've got a great list going. You can't really go wrong with any of them!!! Good luck! For some reason we had a much harder time picking a name for our girl than we did for any of the boys!!!

Carterista said...

My favs for you are Sally, Lucy, Louisa, and Penelope. But my top fav would be Louisa. Who doesn't like the Sound of Music? But I'd be surprised if you didn't go with one of the other three. Ü Oh, how about Bergita or Brigita(with a hard g)?

The Price Family said...

Lucy has always been one of my favorite names...

Rach said...

Ok, as I was reading the names: PENELOPE totally stood out to me. Think how cute: Penelope Jo KaleilaniOnomoku Summerill. And as a nickname Penny Jo!! SO cute!! I totally see this lighter brown stick straight haired girl. So cute.


The Wents said...

I think Margo Jo sounds fine. It sort of equals you.

Haley Hale said...

I personally like Maggie, since I suggested that you suggested it to me. And I think it is really cute. But you do have quite the list, and I feel a bit sorry for you, having to narrow it down. Good luck!

lovin' my 6 said...

Oh, what fun--picking names. I think you guys should go with the name you told me you loved years ago. Do you remember what it was then? Emily. It's so feminine. It feels nice in your mouth to say. And being such a beautiful name I think it would be lovely for one of your children. You and Mark have beautiful children.

Looking forward to hearing what you pick.

Love ya,

Peggy Eddleman said...

I like Penelope. It seems like it would fit well.

That, or a name that starts with an I. Like Isilee from the Goose Girl! Then, maybe someday she will marry someone with a last name that starts with an L. Then she would have a whole alphabet thing going. You know, I J K L....

Then people who didn't even know her would think she was cool just because of her initials! ;-)

Mariko said...

Very classic names. I can picture the kind of girl you want, the kind that grew up in Little House on the Prairie, complete with big curly tresses.
I still vote for Ada. Ada Jo. I'm such a fan of short names.

Unknown said...

If we had gotten around to another girl we would have named her Jaclyn (or any other spelling version) and called her Jacey.

tina said...

I have never been a fan of names that can be shortened into nicknames that others seem to think it's ok to use. How the heck does Richard equal Dick? Really? Or William equal Bill? Never made sense to me!

My son's name is Paden (sounds like pay-den) and we have to constantly emphasize the "D"; it's slightly annoying.

My grandma's name is Sally Jo, so that reminds me of a grandma age person.

You do have quite the dilemma! I am not sure that I can really help ya out!

~ From: Leslie's friend Tina

JayandCassandra said...

I like Penelope.

Shelby said...

I am going to go with the little house on the prairie analogy and suggest... Nellie Jo. Mostly because Laura Jo sounds lame and Mary Jo sounds like a kind of shoe.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I like the name Ava. I thik it would go well Ava Jo.
good luck picking a name.

Unknown said...

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