Thursday, January 24, 2008

Isn't He Lovely...

I have been pestering my dear friend for the last 5 months to take pictures of her newborn baby. These pictures were taken before Connor (the sweet baby) turned 1 day old. I love how puffy he is...babies change so quickly after they are born, that it was amazing to catch a shot of him this early. In fact, the hospital room was poorly lit, and I was very unsatisfied with the first 100 pictures I even took. Then as I was about to give up and suggest we try again another day, I realized that the blinds over the window could be opened! My friend carried her baby and sat closer to the window so I could use some of the natural sunlight to highlight the star of the shoot. If you would like to find out more information about lighting or photography, check out a great blog by an amazing photographer: Natalie Norton!


Haley Hale said...

Again, you must come take pictures of my babies when they are born. You are so good at this!

Nikki said...

I love these wonderful fresh from the oven photos. I especially love the sweet soft shoulders. Good job!

Shelby said...

Erin--I would pay money if you would let me hang that picture of you in the leopard leotard on my wall. By the way....cute baby.

Unknown said...

I'll repeat my self and say CUTE!!! I'll also throw in some money for the above mentioned leopard leotard picture.

Natalie. said...

Ohh! Erin, see! Window= rock star photo! You should submit that one that worked so well as well as one of the hundred that didn't work for the post! Aren't windows photographic wonderlands??

Darling baby by the way! Oh so fresh and sweet!

Just SO said...

Okay I absolutely LOVE the one where Tammy is kissing Connor. Love it. That is a fabulous picture. Windows rock!

kellieanne said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! Almost as cute as the real thing! said...

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