Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I feel like one of those library posters that feature a hip (if you're in 1989) looking adolescent, posed casually with a book in hand, smiling effortlessly with a 'you'll be cool like me' expression, that posts the message: READ. Hopefully I have discarded anything I wore in 1989; consequently, this purpose of this blog is intended to lure you into my reading circle...

Checkout my reading list on Goodreads - where you can see what your friends are reading.

(The following is to be read in cheesy infomercial middle aged man voice)
If you sign up, you can offer your perspective on what you have read, and see what good books are out there. What I hate most is to get 1/2 way through a book, only to be disappointed and lack the will to continue to the end. Now with this website, those days are gone. Now you will have the opportunity to pick up a book and be 90% sure that it wont suck! Just think, signing up is merely a click away. You are a click away from bringing book excitement into your life.


Leslie said...

It sounds really cool, so you'll have to post as you come across really great books. As for me I already made a list of the 12 must read books for this year that I want to check off my list (and currently own - waiting to be read) and I'm trying not to buy a single other new one this year (unless it's painting related perhaps) and so any other book has to be from the library. Phew! That's quite the run-on sentence.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I want to join, but I'm not going to because 1)I'm already OCD enough to have a must read list prepared for 2008, 2)I'm too cheap to buy any new books even if they are really cool, and 3)I still would like to hear your suggestions because if I ever did come across one of your books in my town's miniscule one room library (yes, there are two other small rooms - one is there office and the other is the multi-purpose & storage room, and the rest of the whole town's books are in ONE room), then I need to have a list ready to snag the book.

So to begin with, do you have any suggestions on books about how to write or form coherent and concise statements, ha ha ha.

Karina B. said...

Thanks so much Erin. I am way excited to get some reading done this summer while i'm taking a break from school. And I have to commend you for posting new things to your blog each day. I love the pics and stories!!! said...

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