Saturday, January 05, 2008

Conversation of the day

I recently walked in on George and Henry having a slightly heated discussion over the placement of magnets on their magnet/white board. They were intensely trying to create a magnet looking being that they could pretend was a bionicle or a robot. The conversation escalated as, I could see, they didn't quite understand each other's intentions on the placement of the scattered magnets. At one point, George was so frustrated with Henry that he raised his hands in the air and pleaded, "what are you talking about? what are you talking about? What are you talking about?" Henry (the younger of the two) put a quick end to George's questions by raising his voice over George's and saying, "What the HE!! are you talking about?" To this, I immediately changed my silent observing position to intervening mother position, stood over the two and said in a slow, low voice, so they heard me very clearly, "What did you just say?" Flooded with uncertainty, Henry mumbled under his shamed breath, "umm...what the", and in an even quieter tone,"hell are you talking about?"

I quickly stamped out that verbal mishap by explaining the difference between naughty words and good words. Henry nodded his head in embarrassed understanding and he and George quickly scattered away.

May your day be as colorfully entertaining as mine was...


Haley Hale said...

you should watch what you say around the boys...they will repeat what they hear! ha, ha! just kidding. (seriously, i was being totally sarcastic) what a funny story!

Natalie. said...

Ha ha ha!!!

Natalie. said...

No, seriously. . . HA HA HA HA HA exclamation point!

Haley Hale said...

LOVE your new layout! and your "author" picture is way cute, too! i will kick emma out of her bed when you come visit or i can stick you down in the craft room!?! let me know which you would prefer.

gurrbonzo said... what the hell WERE they talking about? hehe. said...

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