Thursday, January 03, 2008

Meet Bubba

Bubba is our adoring, but beastly, black Labrador who follows me around incessantly and genuinely thinks he is a lap dog. After we purchased our home, we were taking our first load of debris to the dump when I saw a sign for the animal shelter and was compelled to stop. I fell in love with Bubba at first sight. Not only was he the only dog that was jumping up and down frantically as if to say, "pick me, pick me, free me from this #@$! hole," but when I approached him and told him to sit, he obeyed. A week later he rode home on the lap of a good friend, while Mark, in the driver's seat, maneuvered the truck to our house. Since then, if I sit down on the couch or on my bed, he immediately jumps up and tries to plant his black behind on my lap, succeeding most of the time because he is quite large and quite heavy...too heavy to push off. So, there you have it, my ginormously large lap dog: Bubba!

Free an animal from your local shelter today!


Shelby said...

Within the not too distant past....let's say, about 3 1/2 years ago, we rescued a calico kitten from it's psycho, neglectful mother. (went by the name of Fargo, or Margo, or something like that) Within 6 months, the kitten escaped the loving confines of our home (keeping it in the house was our temporary form of birth control--until we could get down to the spay-van) received a nasty scratch from a feral, dirty cat, and grew an abscess on her hiney the size of my fist. We took said cat into the vet, who proceeded to tell us that an abscess can actually kill a cat if left unattended. (*cough-bullcrap-cough*). Being the compassionate person that I am, I agreed to the "surgery" to drain and clean the abscess--to the tune of $350 dollars. That combined with the $125 to fix and microchip our investment piece, pretty much tapped out our adoptionary expense account. Nevertheless-- I'm glad Bubba found a great home!!

Nikki said...

With your photography skills you'd think you'd provide a picture where we could actually see the dog. I need more pics to become fully acquainted with Bubba.

Pop said...

He really is a "Bubba" dog. While the Po doggie will tolerate Bubba, we find him to be endearing, since everytime he comes over, he makes himself right at home here. I think you need to train him better as to where he really belongs. He seems to have trouble identifying which home is home to him, like two days ago when I found him camped out at our front door early in the morning. Anyway, we love the Bubba dog too, "hulihuli black dog."

Just SO said...

Bubba is adorable!!

A. said...

Oh fun! We got our lab (yellow) 3 years ago when he was just a wee pup. Let me just say, if you have not read up on labs, it is a worthy read. They are very diffferent dogs. Especially as pups. Every thing in sight will get chewed, they crave human affection (as you can tell) or get depressed, and they LOVE water.
It is money worth spent to take him to training school. Tim took Cody (our dog) to the PetSmart training school and he ended up being best in class. They train well.
I love our dog, but there are some thigns that ring true from movies; Spanglish - you throw the ball once, you are haunted the rest of the day. :P
They are great family dogs! I can't wait to see a better picture of him. :D

Carterista said...

I LOVE Bubba! I consider him part my-dog.

RUBY said...

hey you.....dang did you know i didnt even know your family left!!!!
well i missed it! I had a boyfriend for a few months and i was always afraid i would run into yo when i was with him....your like my big sister just waiting to tease me!!!!LOL....i know its all out of love though! well i hope you like utah...and i want your puppy!!! said...

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