Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday's Fit Tip MANIA!


Unless something dramatically hysterical happens in my life and I feel compelled to share it in cyber world, I have dedicated Monday's to Fitness: Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. I have been asked by a few different friends/readers of this blog to post 'fitness' ideas and programs. Since I have worked for the last 10 years as a Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer at many different establishments, and I am certified in Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Circuit Training, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Personal Training and Basic Nutrition, I feel that I might be somewhat qualified to offer tidbits and advice. If you disagree, I fully accept that and don't mind if you decide not to read my blog on Mondays.
Monday's Fit Tip Mania

Many people choose not to work out because they believe that it would take an immense amount of effort and time. Not True! Any added physical exertion in your daily routine would boost your feeling of well being and burn a few extra calories. The tip for this week is to keep your diet the same and only add 10 minutes of movement each day. Move however you want, just make sure you are moving enough to escalate your breathing and to feel exertion. Great 10 minute workouts this week are listed below.

1. Find your personal Stair Master. Walk up your stairs and down your stairs 10 times, and jog in place for 60 seconds (repeat if necessary).

2. Drop and Give me 50 (or what ever you can do) Push Ups are a great friend for working a large majority of your upper body muscles and stabilizers. Not only are you strengthening your core, but your pectorals (chest), biceps, triceps, deltoids, and even the many muscles that comprise your back will feel this burn. If you have extra time left in your 10 minutes, jump up and take lengthening lunges around your home to give your lower body a boost too!

3. Baby It's Cold Outside so bundle up and take a walk up the closest hill. Walk as fast as you can up the hill and coast down. You will love the 'after burn' on the walk down as your breathing returns to normal but your body wont be so cold now that your internal heater has kicked on.

4. Dance Dance Revolution. All the kids are doing it so you can too! Pop in some great tunes and dance like a maniac around the front room until you feel like a complete nutzo! Even though you might feel like you have lost a few marbles, be thrilled that that is not the only thing you are losing!

For your mental health this week, think about someone else. When you spend time thinking of others and finding ways you can be helpful, be kind, and be of need, you spend less time feeling down about yourself. Who do you know that could use a friendly call or a visit? Do something nice and needed for someone you know and you will feel better all around!

For your spiritual health this week take a blessings check. At the end of each day sit in a comfortable quiet place and think of the many things in your life you are grateful for. From your loving, wonderful family to the fact that you still have hands to change that beastly awful, blowout diaper that your son found 2 minutes before you and smeared his hands through, remember all your many blessings. At the end of this meditation or prayer, you will feel a renewal of joy in your life!


Unknown said...

Wow, that was a shock to see the change in color, but its very pretty! Thanks for the advice, I need it.

Just SO said...

I love your new look here! That picture has to be one of my faves. So I did stop by to get you yesterday at around 1:20 but you weren't there. I thought maybe you took off without me so I walked up the other way instead of going up 1100 to see if I could catch you. I'm hoping to get out today close to four. I called you to see if that was okay. Hope you get the message.

P.S. I really like fit Mondays!

Natalie. said...

Oooo, I la la love the fit Mondays! FUN! I'll mention it on my blog and send you some traffic! said...

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