Monday, September 10, 2007

Vampire or not, the bat's out of the bag...

It occured to me recently that artists, poets, writers, and other such creators, typically depict views of everyday life in ever-changing views...Not to get all philosophical on you, but a peculiar thought popped into my head today, and I simply could not dismiss it. My life is always coming across strage occurrences. For example, the filipino woman at Ross. I couldn't help but discover yet another strange occurence in my life.

Earlier this year I read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer (and if you haven't read it, run out and do so now, then thank me later for the good read). The series is about a young woman that falls in love with a charming vampire. The book describes the vampires in every aspect of their lives: sensitivity to smells, burning desirous connection to one's mate, peculiar sleeping habits, and youthful physical appearance despite one's age.

Over the course of a few passing thoughts, I have come to the concrete conclusion that a certian person that stayed with me in Hawaii is the true life form of what Stephanie Meyer depicts in her novel...the person is a VAMPIRE!!!

The following person of which I describe shall remain nameless, but this person, if he/she reads my blog, will undoubtedly know who he/she is.

1. Sensitivity to smell: the person who came to visit me, repeatedly mentioned that Saimin, a local favorite that tastes like soup goodness, smelled strongly of fish! Only a person with acute sensory perception could dectect the fish cake in the saimin.

2. Connection to Mate: the person made repeated references that started like, "(spouse)would love if I did...", or "I will have to buy this for (spouse)", or "I wish (spouse) was here with me."
But the most distinctive phrase that solidified the conclusion that this person is a VAMPIRE is:
"My blood is boiling for (spouse) right about now" (Feel free to draw your own conclusions about this comment)

3. Peculiar Sleeping Habits: I snuck into this person's room when I thought he/she was sleeping, I was shocked to find this person lying flat on his/her back with his/her arms folded across his/her chest - a very un-dead position.

4. Physical Appearance: This person claims to have had 5 children, yet this person has a rockin' awesome body!

Draw your own conclusions, but the evidence is overwhelming in support that this person is a true vampire!!!


Carterista said...

Hahaha! I'm SURE I know who you mean and I wasn't even there with you in since I'm not a vampire, can I be a psychic???

Peggy Eddleman said...

It's got to be either Kellie or Tammy, isn't it? It's hard to say which, because they both exhibit the afore mentioned qualities. But, you forgot one important Vampirish quality- possibly the MOST important Vampirish quality- they both sparkle in the sun! Heck, they even sparkle in flourescent lighting. Plus, not needing sleep would explain how they seem to get so much done in a day (and night...)

Unknown said...

:-) Now we know we have a vampire among us, we need to decide if we should go "eliminate it" or beg her to "turn us". It would be nice if Bella can get the same special power of reproduction from the said vampire.

Shelby said...

I'll tell you right now.....wait..... no, I won't......but since we know vampires can't get pregnant.......hmmmm, could it be?

kellieanne said...

Erin, you're just lucky you chose to introduce me to Saimin and not blood sausage. Brings a whole new meaning to "eternal mate" doesn't it? I happen to really like Vampires so, thanks for the flattery.

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