Thursday, September 13, 2007

I left...

My sister Rachel came from Hawaii yesterday to visit. After she arrived we got to talking about what she was going to do while she was here and we got on the subject of our sisters that live out of the state. Unfortunately, Nikki lives further away than Leslie, so she was immediately disqualified. We decided to take an impromptu trip up to Washington state to visit Leslie since Rachel has never ever seen Leslie's home in Washington...which is beautiful and organized down to every inch.

The drive was grueling. We left Utah around 7 pm, so we didn't arrive at Leslie's home until 6am Utah time. We are pretty exhausted, but the babies don't want to take a nap. So I am up with Theodore about to go nutzo! So if this blog doesn't make sense it is because I am functioning on little...very little, sleep!

My sweet, loving hubby stayed in Utah with George to work and make sure George attends school, but I will be back early in the is quick trip!


Nikki said...

Well, if you had decided to come here, you'd have experienced some freaky cold temperatures. The heater came on several times throughout the night. And if you had decided to come, you'd see the post-travel mess accumulated in the hall and the piles of laundry waiting to be caught up from the trip. But you are always welcome. Give me at least a day's notice though- okay?

Pop said...

Well, this blog deserves a comment or two. You left out the part of taking your Mom along, of course Teddy and Henry. While the other men folk at home subsisting on adventure foods, such as saimin and stuff. Anyway, have a good visit and drive safely. By the way, George so wanted Po doggie to sleep with him, but she was more interested in what other foods she could get. Oh, well.

jase said...
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jase said...

so i guess there are many men left alone by the notorious Calbio girls.
Pop. any good "alone with the kids" cooking ideas.......PB&J is always a favorite but after two weeks, i think mine might get some sort of poisoning....Mom any webMD solutions for PB&J overdose? Please advise!

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