Monday, September 10, 2007


Here are some pictures I shot of one of my BFFs and her newborn baby. I have known Aubrie since I was in high school. Eventhough we don't talk every day, I still get out to see her. She recently had her 3rd baby and I stopped by after the baby blessing to take surprise photos...Surpise, I am going to take your photo. For not having prepared, they took awesome shots. Here are a few of my favorite black and whites. I decided that I totally love to shoot babies because the pictures are soooooo sweet. Just a side note, I once went on a date with Aubrie's husband...AWKWARD! HAHAHA...just kidding...well not really...hahahaha


Shelby said...

Erin-- Let me just book you right now for January...... K? I have some ideas that I've had since after Cameron was too big & I thought I would never get to use. The feet just kill me!!!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Thanks so much for posting about the Ivie's. I haven't seen or heard much about them since graduation. It's fun to hear that they now have three kiddies. Thanks again!

Kami said...

So how much do you charge? Do you do family pictures? And are you available any time soon?

Come kids are cute, I can't say much for me and Nathan, but at least we'll sit still.

Call me sometime...I'm serious about hiring you. :)

Kami (801)347-5429

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