Monday, September 17, 2007

A Weekend in Washington Leads to Paranormal Surprises

We had a whirlwind of a weekend. We left late Wednesday night, arriving early Thursday morning, and we returned to Utah late Sunday night. Our weekend was a blast, filled with Candid Calabio favorites: Yardsaling, Eating Junkfood and Sightseeing. We found lots of great knicknacks at yardsales in the Washington area on Friday, then on Saturday, we drove to a popular tourist town, Leavenworth. While we were in Leavenworth, we found something much greater than what money could buy! For a moment I thought I was rendered into a holiday version of the Twilight zone, giddy with paranormal suprise! I was totally speechless...thus the picture will have to suffice.

Where else in the world would santa be sitting taking a break...OF COURSE, in Leavenworth, outside of the year round Christmas store.
The rest of the pictures are shots of my neice, my sister and her baby, cute Leavenworth scenery and then the two wild baby boys playing in the pumpkins. Eventhough I miss Hawaii, I love the fall colors that are coming out and I especially love Pumpkins!


Shelby said...

If I could get just one of my planters to bloom like the ones in Washington I could die a happy woman. You and your sisters kids are so cute.

Haley Hale said...

The picture of Rachel and her baby is so good! I think that I will vote that one my favorite of this set of pictures. By the way, call and let me know when you are available to come help me!

JayandCassandra said...

That shot of Rachel is great. And that store looks AWESOME!

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