Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The purpose of this blog

I haven't blogged for quite sometime because, as my friends call it, I have been in hibernation mode. We have been blessed to be busy with the end of the school year, George's kindergarten graduation, sight-seeing visitors, youth activities and cheap, CHEAP, cheap inter-island tickets. So if you are wondering why I haven't returned many phone calls or replied to e-mails, those are just some of the reasons. This past weekend, we took a trip to the island of Kauai! I love that each of the Hawaiian islands are unique, so by just taking a short 25 minute plane ride to another island feels like I am in a different state. We went to Kauai with my cousin and his little family. Together, we all hiked past Hanalei to see the beautiful, untouched Na Pali Coast. This coast is remote with no vehicle access, so they only way to view it is by boat, helicopter or on foot. There are waterfalls and caves around every other bend. The complete hike is 11 miles each way, but we only went 1 mile to the first look out. The scenery was surreal. We stoped, caught our breath and took lots of pictures. My other favorite site was Waimea Canyon. They call it the grand canyon of the pacific. From what I remember of the grand canyon (we visited it when I was about 10), the Waimea Canyon is very similar but with a tropical feel. While we were there we saw a Ne Ne goose (Native Hawaiian bird) and a mountian goat. If you ever have the chance to visit Kauai, you definitely should take it!
George and Henry hand no problem hiking through the lush Na Pali Coast, but I dont think I will do it wearing slippers next time.

What could really be more beautiful? There is something so fulfilling about being surrounded by this beauty, why would anyone ever give this up?

Yes, this is the purpose of this blog. We will not be giving this up. The likelihood that we will be moving to Utah in the fall is at approximately 6% and the chance that we will stay in Hawaii is 94%. I will update the statistics as they change.


Leslie said...

Can't believe you went to Kauai without me - you lucky dogs! One of these days I'm determined to see more than just Oahu and the Big Island too. It looks so beautiful!

Pop said...

Sure great pics of Kauai. You were lucky to get those $9 air fares. Tell us more about the trip. We're jealous that we were not there also to enjoy it with you.

Shelby said...

Wow, Erin--those pictures are gorgeous! As dissapointing as it is to hear we won't be getting you guys back, I can totally see that the atmosphere is a big draw to stay! If you just keep calling and blogging, I thing we here in Utah can all deal! Enjoy the view!

Shayleen Lunt said...

What a beautiful family picture!
It always makes me wonder how people can not believe in a God when the world is full of such beauty.

Marcie said...

Such beautiful pics! When we lived on Oahu we visited the Big Island and had a great time. Now we need to visit Kauai and Maui! It will be interesting to see where you guys end up. If you stay in HI then it gives us more time to get out there and visit you!

kellieanne said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Sad you're not coming back pronto - but look forward to more gorgeous pics on you blog.

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