Friday, June 08, 2007

George the Graduate of 2007

Last week before we left for Kauai, George graduated from kindergarten! I can hardly believe that he is already graduating, it seems like he just started school. Of course, the graduation was truly Hawaii style with leis for the kids up to their ears and a complete program just from the graduating kindergarten class. The principal announced the classes, the students filed into place, the students presented "God Bless the USA" song and then each student recieved his/her diploma. After the ceremony the students returned to their classrooms and took pictures, handed out leis to classmates and danced (literally, the kindergarten teacher taught the students to slow dance, complete with turns, dips and one hand held and one hand on waist). To top off the day, George's teacher gave each one of the graduating boys a tie for graduation that is to be their future "missionary" tie, so they remember to go out into the world and serve! I asked George what he learned this year and his response was a line that his teacher had the students repeat everyday at the start of class, "To be the best that I can be, the chioce will always be up to me." You really do learn life's keys to success in kindergarten!


Pop said...

Way to go George! You look handsome with your necktie and I love that pretty certificate of graduation. I hope you had fun. We love and miss you and your family.

kellieanne said...

Congrats to George on his gradution. Last year I tried to teach my 14 year old to dance. Let's just say it is probably easier to manuver 5 year old legs and arms around than lanky and awkward 14 year old legs and arms. As cute and entertaining as it is to watch a 5 year old dance, it's quite an experience to watch a 14 year old dance. You won't want to miss that one!

Marcie said...

Erin, it looks like George's hands are a little lower than his partner's waist... and look at the little sly look he's giving! :) It's crazy that he'll be in 1st grade. Gavin starts Kindergarten in Fall of '08 and I think that's close enough!

Leslie said...

Okay - Hawaii Kind. is WAY better than when Christian was in Kind. in Washington! They didn't have a ceremony, dancing, certificates and of course no leis! Hawaii sure goes all out and George looks so cute! I can't believe he is that old. I remember when he was just a tadpole of a boy.

JayandCassandra said...

George you're awesome!! We wish we could have been there! Nice work buddy!

Nikki said...

Congratulations Graduate George!

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