Friday, May 25, 2007

Mother of the Year Award Goes To...

I recently enrolled George and Henry into swimming lessons on the north shore because their swimming skills were seriously lacking considering we live on the beach and the vast ocean is 25 feet from my back door. Consequently, Henry is enrolled into the same swim class as a somewhat famous local singer's son (Jack Johnson) so I often have the chance to talk with him or his wife while our sons learn to swim. Since we are at the pool for about an hour each time, it is nice to sit and small talk with the other parents. And since Mark has been working from home in the afternoons, I have been relieved to leave Theodore at home to take a nap while I whisk the boys off to swimming lessons.

Unfortunately on Thursday, Theodore was a bear (hahaha...Teddy bear) and he wouldn't take his afternoon nap. At the last minute, Mark put him out in the van for me while I loaded up the boys for swim lessons. We were running a few minutes late so when we got to swim lessons I told the boys to hurry in. Henry jumped out of the van and tried to slam the van door closed. His attempt was unsuccessful and the door bounded back. He tried three more times, each attempt being as unsuccessful as the first. Frustrated, I snapped at him to just run into swim lessons and I would shut the van door. I walked over and slammed it closed, mumbling about the piece of c#%* van that I drove, and I quickly followed the boys into swim lessons.

I walked into the pool area and checked to see if Henry and George were settled in. I picked up their scattered slippers and towels and scanned for a seat. Frustrated and overwhelmed with the list of things I had to do that night I huffed as I plopped down next to my friend Donnette. Donnette gazed up and smiled warmly. Feeling a little release of tense stress, I half-smiled back and asked as cheerfully as I could, "Hey Donnete. How are you today?" She mentioned that she was busy as normal and then asked, "Where is your baby today?"
A fog muddled my brain as I stumbled on saying that he was at home with Mark again...and then the fog cleared and my worst mommy reality shot straight to the forefront of my mind. "AAAAGGGhhhhhh!!!" I screamed, "I left Theodore in the van!!!" As bewildered thoughts of how I could leave my baby coursed their way through my mind, I raced out of swim lessons and to my car. On my frantic dash to reach Theodore, I noticed that another van was parked unreasonably close to mine and that parent was on the side by my van unloading his kids. His all too familiar face glanced up at me as I came bounding wildly towards the vans. "Hey how's it going?" Jack asked. In a high pitch, almost hysterical voice I replied, "Not so good, Can you please mooooove cause I left my BABY in the van and I have to get him NOW." He laughed as I felt utterly mortified at the embarassment of having left my baby in the van and then it being made known to another parent, namely Jack Johnson. He leaned over and squished himself into his van as I plucked my sweaty Theodore out of his car seat.
At least to make me feel a little bit better Jack mentioned that it happens to everyone and he had done the same thing just a few days before.


Shelby said...

Erin--I did the same thing with Cameron. I was leisurely parusing the movie selection in Blockbuster when it occured to me that I hadn't come alone......he had fallen asleep in the car and was so quiet I forgot he was there......for 20 minutes!!! I was freaked out for quite a while at the thought of what could have happened if the weather had been hotter! He was only a couple of months old and I felt horrible! I never told anyone because I felt so bad, but hey, now I figure if I just don't go anywhere without my older kids until the sleep deprivation is gone, I'll be okay!

gurrbonzo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i bet that happens to everybody, just not with jack johnson. we'll never tell theodore...shhhh.

SummShine said...

That is so cool. Jack Johnson sounds like an awesome guy. You're ok too, I guess

Haley Hale said...

I can't wait for the next Jack Johnson album to come out with the song called "Always Check the Backseat"! My parents left us in the car all the time when we were kids and I turned out okay...I think!

Marcie said...

Scary story! That's cool that you know Jack Johnson. I love his "Upside down" song from Curious George!

JayandCassandra said...

Erin, you're an amazing mother. I'm not kidding. Everyone screws up once in a while. I really didn't think you did though! Now I know you're human and not superwoman!

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