Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May Day

In Hawaii May Day is a huge celebration to remember Hawaiian heritage and to recognize other cultures. For months the students at the local schools prepare preformances. The students in every grade level preform dances and songs to present to the Hawaiian Ali'i (royalty)...not actual royalty, but chosen students to stand as each island's royalty.
Since my sister Leslie is here to visit us this week she came with us to see George's school May Day preformance. After the Ali'i came out and preformed their hulas, each of the grade levels preformed a cultural skit/presentation. The kindergarteners represented the United States of America and their songs were patriotic. They sang a big band 40s style song and then "I'm proud to be an American." I have to say, it was the Kindergarteners that stole the show! Here are a few shots from May Day

These little girls were so cute! They sang a 40's big band war song and danced.
You can see how hard George is concentrating on getting the dance moves just right.


Shelby said...

Very cute Erin--It looks like they go all out for May Day! Can you believe George will be in first grade in four months? The summer is going to fly by!

gurrbonzo said...

To me, it sounds like more of an emergency than a name for a celebration. But you Hawaiians know how to party! Go George Go!

McMullin Mugs said...

How absoultly "Cute". But then I am his grandmother and am just slightly ... well, you know!

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