Thursday, May 10, 2007


Over the last week, my sister Leslie and her daughter, Emily came to visit us in Hawaii. We had a lot of fun gorging on the local cuisine and visiting the beaches. We spent time with my sister Rachel and her family and played games. On Sunday when Rachel came over we went out to my beach and took pictures. Then the other nights we played Settlers of Catan (if you have not played this game, find someone who has it and play will love it)

I just have to humbly admit that I won Settlers all three nights that we played! hahahaha...I AM A WINNER!!! Anyway, hanging out with Leslie was lots and lots of fun. It is too bad that they live so far away.
Here is a picture of Rachel's kids, Leslie's daughter Emily and my boys! Yes I know that Rachel's baby is bigger than my baby...and he is two months younger! That kid is a mammoth!
"Oh Mom, what big hair you have," Emily commented as she gazed lovingly at her mother...


Marcie said...

Your family is so darling- you guys look great! I really hope we can come visit you while you are there!

gurrbonzo said...

Wow...those are all pretty cute kids. The Calabio recipe seems to be a good one!

Rach said...

I want to say that Settlers was fixed!! And my mammoth can beat up your teddy bear.

All Andersens said...

Oh how much fun. I wish I could come visit ya too. It's been soooo long since I have seen you. At Amy's wedding in fact. All beautiful kids :o)

Leslie said...

Just remember - that is my big wind swept local girl hair. In real life I'm stunningly attractive with a perfectly shiny and smooth head of curls every day.

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