Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rat-too-tee means RAT

When you come to Hawaii, we will be sure to take you all around and show you all the lovely sights. Among the beauty of Hawaii you will also have a chance to see Hawaii's stunning wildlife, take for example the rat in the above picture.

My sister Leslie arrived yesterday from Washington state to visit for a week. As we drove from the airport she commented on the lush green fertile landscape and the bright blue of where the sky meets the ocean. I promised to take her to see the sea turtles (as mentioned in my previous post) and the humpback whales. Think how surprised we were this morning to find out that we could also add rat to the list of exciting wildlife to see. Yes, it is sad that there are rats that infest this land and sneak into my home, but what a great "hawaiian" experience for my sister Leslie. I promise all who visit me that I will try to share with them the real Hawaii that we have grown to love!
Here is Mark the Rat Hunter. For many moons he has fret over this persistant, oatmeal eating creature. Since he ate through the container that held Mark's special "Coach's Oats Cracked Oatmeal", Mark has vowed to get revenge! Look who the winner is now! That will teach you mister Rat!!! SUMMERILLS ARE WINNERS!


Jerin said...

Wow, that is a fairly substantial critter to have unwelcome in your home. Congrats on your capture. And hopefully you've plugged up the holes!

Shelby said...

OOOOHH!! yum, Erin--I am getting more and more excited to come visit!! I'm glad you have Mark around to handle those "delicate" little situations. Maybe I should bring Sophia with me.........

Nikki said...


JayandCassandra said...

Wow, Erin. I could have gone the rest of my life and been just fine not seeing those pictures! Thanks! Don't forget about the tiny coakroaches. Please, show me pics of those too! ha ha

A. said...

As much as I want to say, "YUCK!" We have the same thing going on here. :) Weve been catching rats in our garage. Only mice in the house. :P

Haley Hale said...

I can't believe the rat came out after we left! The cockroaches came out for me, why not the rat?

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