Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Ocho!

As of Tuesday, it has been 8 years since Mark and I married! I would like to say 8 years of wonderful wedded bliss, but anyone who is married knows that marriage, like life, has its many ups and downs. All in All, it seems that the recipe for success in marriage is to try to have more ups than downs. In the last eight years our marriage has been fortified and it is my hope that we will help it to grow stronger as time goes on, this having been said, here are 8 things that I love about being married to Mark:

1. You probably know this, Mark is patient: He has such a wonderful capacity to sit and listen to me for as long as I need it. He is always the last to get upset and almost never raises his voice with our boys.

2. Mark is helpful: I love that Mark was raised to always help around the house (thanks to his Mom) Mark is so good at always taking out the trash, but when he is at home in the evening, he will work by my side putting dishes or laundry away. When Mark helps me around the house, I know he loves me!

3. Mark is a hard worker: In our 8 years of marriage, we have re-finished countless pieces of furniture, re-modeled 3 homes and constructed random projects out of just an idea. Mark works hard to finish our endless projects and always does his best!

4. Mark works to better himself: Mark completed his BA at BYU, and is now working at his Masters. Even though he works 40 hours a week or more, he still makes time to do endless hours of homework and attend classes 1 hour away in the evenings from 6pm till 9pm.

5. Mark loves his boys: Since we have had kids, Mark has shown to be a wonderful father and friend to his boys. He tries to never miss a game or meet and he is always the first to take the boys to the park on Saturday to play ball (I am a little lazy that I don't play ball)

6. Mark is supportive: Ok, yes I do know that sometimes I can be a little crazed and really get into a few hobbies at once. But Mark always supports me in whatever I am interested in at the moment. He is great to encourage me and to sometimes reason me...If I need that.

7. Mark is Faithful: The one thing that has kept our marriage strong and grounded us is our faith. I love that Mark is the first to get dressed for church and he is always helping me to be to church on time. We read our scriptures together and we love to discuss talks we have heard.

8. Mark is a Love Machine....seriously have you seen him...he is sooooooooo cute.....and with age, he has gotten even hotter....I love him!!!

That was my ode to Mark, now here is my ode to you. Thank you for giving us so many places to go. As a couple and now a family, we have found that we love to travel and we love to spend time with family and friends.

Over the last eight years Mark and I have:

1. Gone Camping at Leman Caves with my sister, Nikki, and her husband.

2. Traveled to California to attend my cousin Amy's wedding.

3. Spent a few days in Florida/Disneyworld with my sister, Leslie and her husband.

4. Returned to Del Coronado Island and then went up to Disneyland to visit my friend, Bobbi.

5. Visited Idaho's Sun Valley, and Idaho Falls to see family and friends (Benedicts and Weavers).

6. Flew over to Hawaii to visit Grandma Calabio, Auna and Caluag familys for a family reunion.

7. Driven to Victorville and Yucaipa, California to visit the Kahns and to see Aunt Freda.

8. Road Tripped to Washington to eat cherries, apples, grapes, asparagas and Peaches...and to see the Pughs!


Leslie said...

Happy anniversary! I totally forgot it's already been 8 years. I suppose I should remember since it was right after Christian was born. I'm not going to comment on the love machine thing, hee hee, but I do think the rest are so true about Mark. He is an awesome brother-in-law/friend, a great dad, loving husband to you, and a righteous example of a priesthood holder. And you are a wonderful sister & friend, amazing mom, awesome YW leader, and best aerobics instructor/jewelry maker/interior designer I know. You two are a great match - hooray for 8!

Marcie said...

Happy 8! We're coming up on #7! The pic of you two is so adorable. Did you take it along with the family pics after Theo was born?
Next time you come to Cali, you need to visit the Kolbs! I mean it! :)

All Andersens said...

How exciting. Anything special planned? Congrat's. Bryon & I will be 8 in June. I remember seeing you at Amy's wedding. Wow been a long time :) Your picture looks great! Love Crystal

A. said...

Happy Anniversary! I was just thinking about how you guys were at our wedding and what an honor it was to have you there. We'll be 6 years in May.

gurrbonzo said...

whoa. 8 is a lot. good work!

Jesse said...

Has it really been 8 years! You guys are so cute together! Happy Anniversary.

Pop said...

Happy eight anniversary. We're are truely happy for you and Mark. Indeed he is all those qualities, especially the patient part. He is a great son-in-law. Hope you had a great celebration. Maybe a luau?

McMullin Mugs said...

I knew my son Mark is a wonderful Human Being and now I know how marvlelous he is through your eyes Erin and how much you love and appreciate him. I appreciate the fact that you are so faithful with keeping up your blog. It helps so much to be able see your faces and the growth of the children. We love you.

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