Sunday, March 18, 2007

You cant have your Cake and eat it too...

I have officially been "off" sugar for 42 days! Yes, I stopped eating most sugars a little over a month ago for health reasons. (Most who know me have noticed that I have an insatiable appetite for sugar. My body does not seem to have the "you have had enough sugar" signal.) So seeing the line of diabetes that runs in my father's side of the family and noticing my own tendencies, I decieded to limit most sugars in my diet....

Ok, that having been said, every now and then I have to make foods that are high sugar content foods. And it is on those days that my yearning for sugar comes back with a vengence. Yesterday was my cousin Sarah's 25th birthday, and we celebrated her birthday at my house today on St. Patricks day. For her birthday I made a single layer green cake. I improvised on the frosting decor, practicing some of the fun tips I have picked up from my sister (the ultimate cake decorator...who I think buried her talents i.e. the parable) Anyway, It took me 6 hours from start to finish to bake the cake, cool it, level it, decorate it and then clean up the mess. But I was please with the final product.


Leslie said...

It came out super cute!I want to see the boys' cakes now. And I can't believe you've been off sugar for 42 days. I'm having cravings as we speak and I really need to avoid it myself but it calls my name constantly.

Nikki said...

42 days is when I cracked. Don't crack. It was Reese's Peanut Butter cookies. They weren't even worth it. My teeth felt weird and gross the day after cracking.

And I noticed how domestic looking your kitchen surroundings are: Fresh bread on the stove top, cinnamon rolls on the counter by the rice pot. Where's the crayons and confiscated toys that always seem to end up in my kitchen?

JayandCassandra said...

Your cake looks great... I'm jealous! Wish I was there so you could teach me those tips from your sister. Some other time. You look beautiful Erin, per usual.

Pop said...

Is the 42 days w/o sugar part of your training (triathalon)? Really nice cake. You did a great job. Maybe your failure to achieve greatness in the recent limerick competition helped to focus your attention to do such wonders in cake decorating. Anyway, we're proud of you. By the way, how the boys? We miss you all.

tammy said...

Wow Erin, a new talent! And no sugar for 42 days! I guess this means we'll be making tofu pecan rolls for Christmas! hehehe! By the way, you are my frikin' hero in all things athletic. I am proud of your goal-setting accomplishments. You Tarzan--me Homer.

Rach said...

Since I was able to eat the cake, I must say it did taste FABULOUS!! As usual for Erin's cooking.

Jesse said...

How fun!!!!

Haley Hale said...

what a pretty cake! when i saw that picture, for some reason i thought of the bunny cake that you and i made for the boys' birthday.
and i am very proud of you for being off sugar for so long. 42 days is like 5 years in real time...i just downed the last of my can of sweetened condensed milk and i feel sick.
however, i just lost 1 1/2 pounds this week on weight watchers.
we miss you.

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