Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goal Accomplished: Biathalon!

My friend and I nursing our babies before the run.

My cheering squad.
Finishing the race with jelly legs
Erin Summerill: biathalete!

It seems like with the start of each new year, I am very gung ho on setting goals by talking about them, writing them down and dreaming of finishing them; consequently, most years end with 1/2 or more of my goals having been forgotten and never addressed again. At the end of each year, I feel discouraged with my attitude and preformance of such said goals and I inevitably vow to do better. Listening to my inner voice, I mull over my unaccomplished goals by sheepishly saying, "I gave it a good try." One of my favorite sayings that I use and have since learning it in high school is, "There is no try, you either do it or you dont". And it appears that most years, against the direction of my own advice, I justify my behavior by saying, "I gave it a good try," instead of delivering a blow to my self esteem by admitting, "I did not do it, I did not accomplish my goals."

Since having Theodore, my third son, and witnessing many changes and and the exciting accomplishments of my friends and family, my desire to acctually accomplish my goals has burned brighter. With Divine guidence (a whole lot of prayer) and by daily addressing my goals with my best friend and support (my husband Mark) I have been able to stay focused and continue moving forward in my persuit to accomplish many things.

Yesterday, and (I mean this when I write it) only by the had of God, I accomplished one of my goals for this year!!! I competed in my first BIATHALON! The biathalon was held at Ft. Derussy in Waikiki, HI. The course was a sprint distance and about 600 people of all ages competed. Because I have been running almost every morning, I found that the run was quite easy to finish and I was pleased with myself when I was able to pass about 2/3rds of the women runners. To my dismay, I was not so confidant in the swim portion of the biathalon. In fact, I think the majority of the women runners that I passed in the run, passed me up in the swim. I had not prepared well for the swim and the kind life guards in the water asked me multiple times if I needed assistance. But I persisted and talked myself through the ocean swim and found myself barely able to stand and trudge out of the water to the finish line! My wonderful supporters: Mark, George, Henry and Theodore, sat at the finish line and cheered me on!

To all my friends and family, I cheer you on in whatever goal you are enduring to accomplish! Please share with me any goal you are working on and I will send you a cheer from Hawaii!


Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so amazing. You are such an amazing person and an inspiration.

Marcie said...

Go, Erin! How far was the run and the swim each?

Shayleen Lunt said...

Way to go Erin. I haven't set "New Year" goals for a loooong time. You are inspirational!

A. said...

Awesome! What a feat to triumph. I especially love the picture of you two nursing the babes before heading off. On a MUCH smaller scale, that's me right before I head to the gym. :)
For what it's worth, that is my get to the gym more. Especially now that we have passes. Or wait...maybe my goal is to eat less (junk). :)

Pop said...

"You go girl!" We are awed but not so much amazed. You are an inspiration. Your sons must think that "Supermom" lives at their home. Anyone who would wake their little ones so early in the morning before the sun comes up, bundle them up, buckle them up, and drive the crazy trip to Waikiki just to run around got to be on something, over medicated or over motivated. Anyway, "Hey Tita, you tough heh! Den Shaka eh!"

JayandCassandra said...

Erin you are a beautiful writer. You have the gift to make me laugh or be inspired in your writings. Not many people can hit both spectrums as well. I'm very proud of your accomplishment. Jay and I had a good laugh picturing you finishing the swimming portion with the lifeguards full attention on you! But it was not surprising seeing as how you are such a determined person. Much love sweetheart! We miss you guys.

Jerin said...

Wow - a truly inspiring accomplishment. Thanks for sharing. I think I need to set bigger goals for myself. :)

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