Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm 28 Years Old!!!

Actually I turned 28 on Friday, December 29th (yesterday) but I only had time to leave a blog post today. Here is a quick little update:
We left Hawaii two weeks ago to spend Christmas and the Holidays in Utah with my parents, my sister Leslie and her family. Since being here we have enjoyed the lights, the freshly fallen snow, sledding, shoveling snow and warming up to a fire in my parents family room. Christmas was wonderful and especially heart warming this year. Mark and I recieved a very special gift that really has touched my heart and made me grateful to all my friends and family who care about me and my family. I truly cannot express how grateful I am for such a Christmas surprise, but Thank You!!!

Since I turned 28 this year, and in this year, I have experienced many new changes, I thought i would list 28 things about me:

10 things you might not know about me:

1. I had another baby boy (my third)
2. I started taking violin lessons again.
3. Eventhough I claim I hate the cold, I miss the snow
4. I would rather be hot than cold
5. I really think it is fun to do aerobics
6. sometimes I actually need deodrant because my armpits smell bad!
7. I do not like books that are turned into poorly made movies
8. I own more pairs of shoes than years I am old
9. I will always feel like Pleasant Grove is my home
10. Although I love to workout, when it comes to actual sports, I SUCK!!! (I am the person you would pick last to be on your team)

10 things that I want to do this next year:
1. Move back to the "mainland"
2. Buy a home
3. Attend Mark's graduation from the MBA program at UH
4. Achieve my goal weight and keep it
5. Continue violin lessons until I move from Hawaii
6. Finish Theodore's baby scrapbook album
7. Get caught up in my scrapbooking
8. Remember my friends and family's birthdays (please let me know when yours is)
9. Read a new book every month
10. Make Candy at Christmas with "Tammy the Pecan Logger"

and finally, 8 things that I am the most grateful for:

1. Mark: although we have our ups and downs and ins and outs, he is my best friend, greatest support and confidant. He works so hard to make our lives better and he is always humble and willing to go the extra mile for our little family.
2. My family: This group of people always know how to give advice when I am in need and help when I am down.
2. PGWC: this group of women are truly inspiring, with a story each their own, I learn so much from them...they know I love them.
3. Diet Rootbeer: when you haven't had a soda in a long time, and you are trying to skip out on the extra calories, Diet Mug rootbeer really hits the spot.
4. Costco: whatever you are looking for, most likely they have it, and if they don't need it.
5. My Scriptures: I love to read them and feel safe, secure and at peace.
6. Shoes: because they come in every shape and size, and no matter how you feel about your body, your feet can always look fabulous.
7. Babies: Because my little guys make me feel so important and loved.
8. My Ghetto Van: because eventhough I have ran into many objects, she still runs and gets me to where I need to be.

Well, I am 28 now and that pretty much sums it up.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Erin!

Marcie said...

Yes, Happy Birthday! I love reading your posts. :)

Rach said...

Happy Birthday!!

All Andersens said...

Ohhhhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that you and I are both 28. How funny. I think Amy is too. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great post, Erin. I enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to you! You still have 3 years to catch up to me (and your husband, I presume). :)

Leslie said...

Happy 28th! I can't believe we are all so old - at least you don't gray/white hair like me yet though!

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