Monday, December 11, 2006


I just wanted to share this short little story that happened to my family today. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

This evening Mark, the kids, and I went to see our Bishop of our ward (church). It is the end of the year and we thought that we would visit him. We all went over to the church together and went into the Bishop's office. I took him some of my mom's Pecan Sandies and I think that he enjoyed them. After our short visit with the Bishop, the Bishop asked George and Henry if they would like to pick a candy out of his candy jar. George and Henry jumped (literally) at the opportunity. George reached in first and grabbed an orange sucker, then Henry reached into the jar. At first it looked as if Henry was going to choose the tootsie roll, but instead he finally decided to opt for the sucker too. When he tried to pull out the sucker, his hand caught a few other candies and they too flew out of the jar, so Henry quickly ducked down under the Bishop's large desk/table and picked up the candies to put them back in the jar. When George noticed that Henry's sucker was still on the floor, George thought it was funny that Henry had to duck under the table. So George made up a little rhyme, "Sucker Ducker" Henry thought that was too funny, and he too decided to join in the rhyming. Soon Henry was saying "Sucker, Ducker, Pucker" Well within a matter of seconds, I will let you guess what the next rhyming word Henry said begins with F and ends the same as the other words. Now it was obvious that Henry just thought this word was just one in a list of endless fun rhyming words, but as soon as the "bomb was dropped" I couldn't contain myself. I looked at the Bishop, who looked stunned and then to Mark who was looking awkwardly at Henry, and I laughed so hard that I thought I was going to pee my pants. In fact, I couldn't even say anything I had to just walk out of the room because I could not compose myself.


Anonymous said...

Children are so innocent.

A. said...

That is SOOOO Funny! I can only imagine the awkwardness of the moment, but also the hilarity that you just never know what kids will say (and thankfully in this case, unknowingly).

Marcie said...

Oh, my, gosh! That story is hilarious! I can't believe your "F-word story" happened in the Bishop's office! I can just picture you cracking up! You are so funny.

Pop said...

How come you are teaching my grandsons "pilau" words? I'm sure as you described it as purely innocent and naive. Since he's only three going on four, the blame falls to the parents. HahaHaHa! Anyway, sure looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Aaron and I are laughing so hard right now...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh to start the day. It's comforting to know your kids aren't the only ones.

Leslie said...

That boy needs to attend Pugh bootcamp I see. He must have been secretly plotting to drop the F-bomb in the most advantageous location of all. ha ha ha ha - we almost laughed our pants off!

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