Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Family Pictures

We recently had our family photos taken by a great friend of mine, Natalie Norton. She has been studying photography for quite some time now, and she offered to take our family pictures so she could build her portfolio. We haven't had professional pictures taken since Mark and I got married and it was nice to be able to take family pictures somewhere other than Walmart and Target. (Not that I don't love my Target Pictures, but it was nice to be outside) Since Mark is a full time student and our financial situation does not provide the lavish lifestyle of being able to take professional pictures, I was so grateful to my friend when she offered to take our pictures. Not only would she not accept payment, but she gave us a cd of all our shots so we could print as many and what ever size we wanted. Here are a few pictures from our shoot that I absolutely loved! I feel so blessed by her kindness and she has given our family a truly special Christmas gift. I hope that I can pay her gift forward...
This picture really captures George and Henry's personalities.

I love this picture of our family in front of the Laie LDS Temple. It is such a beautiful, tranquil place.


Marcie said...

I love the picture of you all looking at Theodore with the temple in the background!

Leslie said...

Those are awesome photos you lucky duck! Post more of them.

Pop said...

Awesome pictures. The boys are growing up so fast. Family picture is great. Put more pictures on the blog for us to see.

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