Monday, February 13, 2012

Secret 21 of 100

I have seasonal BLUES. 

I bet you thought I was going to say something funny. Well, I'm not. 
Why? Because I've lost my juice. Some time after Christmas, when Santa went back to the North Pole, he took my happy with him. And lately I'm as useful as a salted slug. (You know what happens to them, right? They shrivel up and die.) I kind of feel like I'm going through a slow shriveling process. But maybe I'm just confusing that with bedsores. If there weren't four little reasons and one big one, I would be content to spend the day in bed, watching shows, and buying ridiculous pieces of costume jewelry from the Home Shopping Network.

Basically, I don't like the winter. The cold makes me cringe and I pray every day could be 60 or warmer. 
I'm not entirely sure if it's the cold or the shorter days, but I know that when we lived in Hawaii I felt like a normal Erin all year round. Now I feel like 1/8 Erin and in the summer I'm 100% Erin. 

This secret is the reason I haven't posted. I'm down. I'm blue. And my dog died. 


I've decided those days are over. Yes, it's time for a comeback. I was rejuvenated at a recent writer's conference where I met tons of other writers. So I'm back, ya'll. I'm ready to beat those winter blues. 

 Question of the Day: Do you get the winter blues? And if so, how do you beat the crap out of them? 

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Faith E. Hough said...

Ah, I understand. I know my seasonal blues aren't nearly as severe as what some people go through, but it still sucks at any degree. Humans are hardwired to need sunlight! Here's what helps me:
hot cocoa (really)
fires in fireplaces
getting up just before the sun to take advantage of as much sunlight as possible
planning to participate in things (like writing conferences!) that I know will make me inspired and excited
FORCING myself to dance with my little girls when I START feeling low
Keep up the enthusiasm, Erin, and remember that Spring is only a few weeks away!!

Jennie Bennett said...

I've been there! The shorter days are my real issue. Not to mention the cabin fever form the cold. But I am so glad you're back and it was awesome to see you this weekend! Keep it up, becasue really, I love your blog :)

A. said...

I tend to slow down alot in winter since being cold is soooo unmotivating. however, our winter is MUCH different than yours. I'm bummed about todays drizzley weather, even though we've had 70-80 degree weather most of our winter. See what a wimp I am? it may not be the islands, but you should move here! :)

Sarah Tokeley said...

I get the blues from time to time but I haven't yet worked out what brings them on. I'm glad you're busting out of yours.

I'm so sorry about your dog.

i'm erin. said...

Faith, Great tips! I'm going to try the hot chocolate.

J.A-I'm so happy to have met you in person. Your hair is fabulous.

A-I need to move by you. 70-80 sounds fab.

Sarah- thanks

Leigh Covington said...

Oh Erin! I'm seriously getting teary-eyed! Yeah! In fact, I meant to ask you this exact thing at LTUE (about you not blogging - I couldn't tell you had the blues) - but I forgot. However, I'm so glad you're making a comeback.

Honestly - I get the winter blues in a terrible way! TERRIBLE. I spend way too much time in bed. This year, I have tried to keep busy. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes not. I need warm weather though. That's where the "happy me" lives.

I'm not even going to tell you what I do to cope. You'll think I'm such a nerd! lol

Emily R. King said...

I get the blues when I get too much sunshine. Bring on the rain! (Yes, my feet are webbed.)
Glad to have you back, Erin. Get some sunshine! Vitamin D is good for the soul. : )

Brekke said...

I don't get the blues, I get the mean reds. There never seems to be rhyme or reason. We need to get together and cheer each other up.

Peggy Eddleman said...

The sun. THE SUN! Having it shine down on my face a little each day helps HUGE.

Kevin and Robin said...

Girlfriend, reading that was like reading an excerpt from my own journal. When I lived in California I didn't struggle at all in the winter. I haven't taken medication in years, and I'm not saying that's always the answer, but I have in the past taken just a teeny dose of medication in the winter, and in the past very large doses for the blues. There is nothing wrong with that if you've tried everything else. Diet, exercise, etc. It's okay to take the medication if and when you need it.

Patti said...

I totally get the winter blues, and even though it's been nice here, the lack of sunshine does me in every year.

I find going out when the sun is shining helps a lot.

Just SO said...

I don't get seasonal blues I get "monthly blues" and they bite. Big time. I'm sorry you've been in a funk :( I hope you get feeling better.

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

I'm so sorry your dog died! How sad! And I feel better in the summer, too.

I don't get the winter blues, not really, though I prefer spring and summer always. At least it's almost March, eh?

Last year around this time I did go psycho from winter and work and took a random trip with Husband down to St. George, where it was 60 degrees. Made a huge difference.

My old neighbor gets winter blues, and her solution for it is to keep her Christmas tree up and decorate it for each month. How that helps, I don't know, but it cheers her up in some way or shape.

I'm glad LTUE pepped you up! I'm sad I didn't get to talk to you longer, I was in that Subway line FOREVER. And no worries, Husband and I thought you were SO FUNNY, really one of the highlights of my day. XD (Though I am curious as to why you thought he wouldn't be caucasion, lol. My best guess is that you assumed he was Japanese...)

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Kick those Blues to the curb! :) It was so nice to meet you this weekend. You are freaking hilarious! Just as funny in person as on your blog. :)

Julianne Donaldson said...

Yes, I get the winter blues too! Every January, like clockwork.

Have you tried taking a big dose of Vitamin D every day? We need lots during the winter, and that can help.

Music can help.

Planning something to look forward to every week can help.

Calling a friend can help. (Hint, hint!)

Have you tried an OTT lamp? It's supposed to help by mimicking sunlight.

Chocolate does NOT help, and neither does lying in bed watching TV.

A project helps. Something to get out of bed for. It can be redecorating or decluttering or something like that--something physical. Mental projects, I have found, don't help as much, because you're working with a burned out mental light bulb.

I hope something works for you! xoxoxo

i'm erin. said...

Julie, so you're saying I need to get out of bed and stop downing M&Ms? I just want to clarify.

Jenny S. Morris said...

When I lived in Alaska I got them big time! Now it's just every once in a while.

I hope you are feeling better and I'm glad the conference gave a little pep in your step.

Jay Noel said...

SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. Tons of us have it - especially if we were used to a lot of sunlight.

It's that vitamin D. Taking extra will help. And getting one of those special lamps and shining it on your face helps a lot of others too.

As for your dog dying, alas, only time can heal that wound.

Oh, and eat lots of chocolate. Lots.

Maggie said...

I can relate Erin. I hope the sun comes out and the funk goes away for you.

Katie Dodge said...

Yes! I get them too! I'd live in a warm tropical place if it wasn't for the humidity and the perma-frizz that would be my hair. Having something planned to look forward to helps me sometimes. Good to see you at LTUE, btw. :)

Iain said...

We missed you while you were blue,
And you know that this is true.
Next time you find yourself turning blue,
Try to be a different hue :o)

Melissa Sarno said...

Ack, I'm with you Erin. (And I'm very sorry about your dog) I hate being cold. I hate going out in the cold. And I love being outside more than anything. I also feel like I'm only 1/8 of me because of the cold.
But I've decided to be grateful for days cuddled under a blanket.

Alleged Author said...

I was super sad after my doggie died. :( Hard to let got of something that gives so much love. My mom gets seasonal depression and has to have brighter lights on during this time. Hope you feel better.

Janet Johnson said...

The blues are no fun. :( Hot chocolate, a warm blanket, buttered toast and a good book. That's how I get through the coldest days.

Charmaine Clancy said...

I don't like change and get blue when thrust in new situations. My only way over them is to throw myself into the situation and pretend I love (our own mind is the easiest one to fool).
Find a gorgeous throw rug, make a big mug of hot cocoa and convince yourself that winter is the perfect season to write that novel.

If you still get stuck, just write a whole page of happy things, like the word smile, giggle, laugh, chuckle etc then read them out loud. There's lots of studies that show if we say the word happy enough our bodies produce the endorphins that make us feel happy.

Sorry about your dog through, that's always hard :)

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is the answer! Must be the RIGHT CHOCOLATE. Cadbury's mini eggs DARK chocolate ONLY come out once a year--so bring your MOM a bunch of bags--part of the editing fees (maybe .001% of the editing fees. Speaking of which--when are you emailing me the book to edit, more than the first 3 chapters?

Sophia Chang said...

Yay!!! Oh Erin I'm so glad to hear that! Welcome back and it's totally normal to have the blues. I had SAD every winter when I grew up in NYC. Thus my living in SoCal now :)

Chelsea said...

I definitely get them! I get so depressed during the dark and cold winter! I tend to cheer myself up by looking at a lot of videos of Hawaii haha.

SummShine said...

I totally understand. During the winter it gets dark here at 3:30pm. So they get 'happy lamps' like this one Obviously you would have to find one in america but this is what they look like. I also had a friend's docter that made her go tanning just to get the UV rays.

Things are looking up though. It is 5pm right now and it is still light! Spring is comming!

Tiff 'n' Tuks said...

I totally feel you! I have the winter blues in SUMMER here in NZ because it rains so much. Keep your head up.. I will be visiting soon :) said...

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