Tuesday, September 27, 2011

writing inspiration - Demi Lovato

iTunes and I have an agreement. They email me once a week with inspiring new songs and I buy them. I used to think I was special this way, but I'm pretty sure that they email everybody. Either way, I drop a lot of moola on music.
I used to just buy music for my Aerobics class, to keep it fresh while we're toning our buns. But in the last few years I started a new collection of inspiring songs. These songs, a range of slow to fast, quirky to moody, romantic to angry, help me in a lot of ways.

1. If I'm not in the mood to write, sometimes I just need to listen to a given playlist and the inspiration comes. To help, I've downloaded my "book playlist" onto my iPhone so I can listen to my music anytime, anywhere. Mostly this is in the car when I can belt it like a gospel singer. Call me Gladys Knight.

2. If I'm struggling with a particular scene, I'll find a song that best represents the scene. Then I'll listen to it again, and again, and again. Until I'm sick of the song. Then I write the scene. Sometimes it's awesome.

3. If I'm having a hard time capturing a character's mod, then I'll listen to a moody song. I've found that Demi Lovato's recent album, Unbroken, and her last one, Forget Me.

The right song can do wonders for my writing. My playlist right now is:

1. Secrets - One Republic
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
3. Heartless - Kris Allen
4. Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato
5. Calling All the Monsters - China Anne McClain
6. Candles - Hey Monday
7. Fix You - Cold Play
8. Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha
9. Catch Me - Demi Lovato
10. Last Kiss - Taylor Swift
11. Polaroids - Shawn Colvin
11. Wedding Day - Rosie Thomas
12. Collide (Acoustic Version) - Howie Day

Do you have a favorite song or playlist that helps you write? If so, let me know. I could always drop another Washington or two.


SummShine said...

Here are a couple of interesting songs that popped the other day

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song
Weezer - Troublemaker

Iain said...

It's Jean Michel Jarre for me. I have a playlist of all of the albims. I find that there's no words to distract me, and the ebb and flow of the different tempo's seem to help the words flow.
(Chronology seems to work the best.)

Jenny S. Morris said...

I tend to do people playlists. Like my MC for WIP1 it's all fun piano music. And her love interest is indie rock with lots of guitar. For WIP2 the MC is all about screaming girls. Her sister is all about dance party, and the love interest it's all English bands.

Peggy Eddleman said...

I love the thoughts of using music to get you in the head of your MC. Or your book. Or a scene. When it comes to music, though, I stink. I don't listen to it nearly often enough, so the thoughts of making playlists is overwhelming! I mean how would I even find songs that relate? I need to hire me a playlist maker. And while we're at it, a personal shopper.

Shallee said...

I have a playlist for each of my WIPs. The songs are great to help get me in the mood for certain scenes, though I can't listen while I write. I currently am loving Linkin Park's Iridescent.

Sara B. Larson said...

I love lots of instrumental/soundtracks when I'm writing. Hans Zimmer is amazing. I also love Frou-Frou/Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik, oh man my list is soooo long. I adore music.

Our Sweet Life said...

Here are my favs right now:

Whole Wide World - Mindy Gledhill
Hourglass - Mindy Gledhill
Simple As it Should Be - Tristan Prettyman

Love your music choices!!

Jessie Humphries said...

I like Baby Got Back to get me in the right mood. Wait, what mood am I supposed to be in to write? :)

i'm erin. said...

ha ha Jessie, you crack me up. I know what you be thinking about.

Shallee, I can't listen and write at the same time either.

Melissa said...

Erin, it sounds like you need Spotify. We love it at our house, better than Pandora and portable if you subscribe.

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