Saturday, September 17, 2011

worst and most epic photography fail ever.

The title of the post should be enough to clue you in on how utterly embarrassing the following story really is. I only share it because my sensor broke years ago. I'm not disillusioned enough to think that the readers of this blog believe I'm anything short of a train wreck. And that's on a good day.
Today, sadly, wasn't so good.
I was scheduled to shoot a wedding in Salt Lake City at 3:00pm. Because my favorite lens is in the shop, I planned just enough time to stop by Pictureline to pick up a replacement lens. (No I didn't snag a doughnut...what with time being of the essence and all that jazz.) Per my usual crazed schedule, I found myself running ten minutes late. I kissed the kids good bye, hopped in the mini (van...not mini-cooper), and headed to Draper to pick up the lens. I rushed in, grabbed the lens, and continued on my way to SLC. When I pulled into the parking garage I was feeling snazzy because I, the amazing photog that I am, was ten minutes early! I wanted the garage attendant to give me a woot woot, but he wasn't feeling it.

I opened the side door of my van to take out my gear. Right then, the woot woot rushed out of me. And I wanted to cry. I, the not-so-amazing-photog-that-I-am, realized with a sudden sickening gut-twist that I had left my camera at home.
Yes, my freaking camera! As in, the very tool I need to actually be a photographer. As in, my life!
Brilliant, Erin. Way to rock that wedding. And not only had I left my camera at home, but I also left the lens that I use during 90% of wedding day.

So after a minor heart-attack, I realized not all was lost. I had randomly shoved a second camera body in the bottom of my camera bag. Until Karly, my awesome-life-saving-super-fly-assistant, brought my camera and lens, I used the back-up and made due with the lenses I had. In the end, the day turned out to be amazing. And oddly enough, I think that today I snagged some of my most favorite wedding pictures ever! Even it today was also one of my most embarrassing days ever.


Davis Family said...

Sorry friend, this doesn't sound like a failure to me, you are the Magiver of wedding photogs!

Kahilau said...

I have seen you work. You have an amazing way of making ANYTHING work, even forgetting your camera. The shots are beautiful! I know what that realization feels like. SINKING! Way to make it work!

Kami said...

I have never forgotten my camera, but I have managed to forget a memory card TWICE. Nothing like the gut wrenching feeling of pure mediocrity to get the old heart pumping.

You are still (and probably more now) my photog hero!

Unknown said...

Really beautiful work! The whole lemons into lemonade phrase seems to be your thing. :)

Kristine said...

That is a fear of mine equal to finding yourself going to school naked.

i'm erin. said...

Thanks Rachel. I think that pretty much sums up my life. I'm always trying to make lemonade with something or other.

Sara said...

You know you're amazing. These shots are incredible. Especially after the kind of day you had.

Jess said...

Oh wow! I would had a heart attack to but by far that is a good one. I have so many of my own. I love hearing the realness behind it all and then look at all the awesomeness you pulled out of it.

Taffy said...

I was sick for you while I read! But the photos are amazing. Love the blue! It really pops.
Good job, Erin!

Brooke said...

You're amazing. Those shots are great! I really, really wish you could have done our wedding (so many years ago) because ours aren't so much fun to look at...

Brianna said...

Of course all of your pics are amazing but I really love the shoe. pic. You rock ;)

SummShine said...

Wow! Glad things worked out. I probably would have had a heart attack. said...

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