Wednesday, June 29, 2011

so very cheesy.

I love to take wedding photos...and I love all my cute couples...and I think all their pictures are to die for. Gush, gush, gush. Yeah, I get that I sound like a total sap. Cheesiness to the max. But it's the truth. Well, most of the time. I'll not be speaking of any bride-zillas here so you can go elsewhere if you think this post has anything to do with the bride I encountered last week that nearly ripped my head off because I merely mentioned she might have to wait one minute longer to take a certain picture. Please, like I'm working on her time schedule. When will these brides learn that their wedding day is MY day? Mine, mine, mine. Where I'm the photog rockstar and they're just a momentary blip in my shot. 
Uh, did I just say all thought in out-loud cyber space? 
Pardon the serious tangent. The truth of the post is this, sometimes I really do love my brides and grooms to death. And sometimes I shed a tear. Like when I snapped this shot:

Sometimes I cry. (Note: should you mention this fact to anyone I'll deny it. I'm no sissy photog.)
So when my close friend's little sister gets married to an awesome guy, and then she shares a tear-jerking dance with her father...sometimes I get a little misty-eyed. Or a lot. 

And it's those times I realize that I love photography even if sometimes I get stressed; sometimes I feel as if I don't have time to pee; sometimes I wish I was writing instead of shooting; sometimes I want to just turn my ringer off and spend two hours taking a hot bath. 

Sometimes it's so worth it to be a photographer. And one of those times would be when the awesome father of the bride (pictured above) includes a little bonus on top of my wedding fee. A bonus that's not at all too cheesy for me and my queen of cheese. 

When the bonus is a can of COUGAR GOLD, then I say it's pretty darn great being a wedding photographer! 


Jessie Humphries said...

What the H is cougar gold? But I love his face. It says everything.

Shelle and Dan said...

How do you know about COUGAR GOLD???? Did my sis (Jen Fugal) give you some from the last time I sent her a can? It really is the most AWESOME cheese ever, isn't it? Wanna know something cool? I work directly where they make that delectible stuff. I walk past it nearly every day onmy way to/from work. I'm gonna stop by this afternoon and pick up some wedges for our 4th of July festivities. Enjoy!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Oh, my gosh. That picture made ME shed a tear, and I don't even know them! It is one of my favorites ever. It's seriously perfect.

i'm erin. said...

Shelle! I didn't even know that. I'm dying. I can't believe Jen never told me. I'm such a Cougar Gold fanatic. My friend is a cheese scientist and he makes recipes for cheese companies. I'm totally butchering what he does, but it is something like that. Anyway, he has to go up there a lot and work with the cheese people. I have a can of the Cougar Gold now and I'm going to keep it for 5 years before I bust it open!

Shelle and Dan said...

Stalk Jen around Christmas time - she usually gets some Cougar Gold from me then. I just ran down and bought several cheese wedges for this weekend and discovered they now sell extra-aged Cougar Gold. I think it's been aged at least 3 years (typical CG is one year). It's $25/can for the extra-aged stuff, but oh-so-very worth it!

Nikki said...

That is the best. I absolutely LOVE this picture. It's priceless. You're so awesome to capture this memory.

no idea what cougar gold is though...

Taffy said...

I love that picture! You left last night before the bride's dad danced with his baby girl than handed her to the groom. *waves hands in front of face*

Robyn said...

This really is an awesome pictures, and for the record, he has NEVER given me a can of Cougar Gold. Just sayin'.

(Lots of other great stuff, but never my own can of Cougar Gold!)

To clarify your butchering--he is a food scientist who specializes in cheese. He does help come up with the recipes sometimes, but mainly he helps make sure that their cheeses turn out how they are supposed to. He has been know to help create some of the recipes for the cheeses that have won World Championships. (I think you were there the night we busted that out, right?)

Jenny said...

such a priceless shot, Erin! You are amazing at catching those. And I'm pretty sure she was there for the white cheddar tasting night @ Infangers, since I remember being very humored by her reaction to eating it :) meaning she was in heaven, gushing about it! :p

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