Wednesday, April 27, 2011

run erin run.

This morning I signed up for the Timpanogos Half Marathon. Crazy, right? I hate running. Every time I start I silently curse the forsaken exercise for at least the first two to three miles. But once I hit mile three, something happens inside me.
No, I'm not going to call it a runner's high, because there's nothing high about my feet repeatedly pounding the pavement, and the monotony of inhales and exhales to keep up with my forward motion. It's almost like I hit a numbness, and in that moment I no longer feel the ache in my legs or the burn in the tips of my lungs. It's like my body just gives up and says, "fine, what the heck, keep running then. You suck."

So I keep running. On Monday, in fact, I ran just under seven miles.

Today when Mark proposed we run a half...something we've been considering for awhile...I figured, what the heck. Let's do it. We signed up, we paid our money, and now we're in. There's no turning back, but I figured why not get a few of you out there to do it with me. It could be like a super-cool group thing. You know, all the cool people are doing it.

So if you want to join me, click on the link for details:


Sara B. Larson said...

I totally would, if I weren't large with child and all that. Maybe next time! Good luck! Also, I wish I went numb like that. I'd take it over just having to force myself through the pain and exhaustion when I run long distances. ;)

JoMamma said...

You are amazing. Maybe you can imagine the people behind you are crazy. That might help you run.

Kahilau said...

Good for you! That is so great. I used to love running and now anytime I attempt it I think, really I used to love this??? Way to go!

Peggy said...

That's awesome!! I have to say, You Rock!

I'm not going to do it with you.

Kellie-n-Sterling said...

I was going to do it, but with both my husband and I running it, it is way to expensive! I'll probably do the provo river or Hobble Creek, they are half the price. As with the up to 3 mile thing... I have the same prob. I think I have determined that after mile 3 is when you body goes numb and you can't feel the pain anymore. Hmmm... It would be fun to run together sometime!

Just SO said...

I'll be lucky to survive the Dirty Dash 5k at the beginning of June. Pray for me.

And if that isn't crazy I'm considering doing the Strawberry Days 5K and the AF canyon 5K...all in June. But I'll probably die in the dash so don't quote me on that.

Camcorder said...

erin. your legs getting numb is the endorphin surge called runners high. call it what you like, but you're a druggie just like me... when I messed up my leg for 6 weeks I got into a funk and was depressed because I was running 5+ miles a day previous. If you aren't addicted now, you will be soon...
we should totally be junkies together.

Anonymous said...

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