Thursday, September 23, 2010

truckin' it.

I recently decided that every girl needs a truck. And so I went out and bought me one. This particular 1965 Ford may not look pretty, but then again, neither do I most days. So now that I found me this old clunker (at a yard sale I might add) I no longer have to get my clients to tresspass on other people's vintage property.

Do you like my truck?


Just SO said...

Yes I do. Now I can come and trespass on your property to get some awesome shots.

i'm erin. said...

Yep you can!

adrian said...

i think i love your truck. i also think i wish i lived in utah so you could take my picture by your truck.
love, adrian

JoMamma said...

That is a very sweet truck. Does it work? I love the picture.

i'm erin. said...

Joann, it totally works! What me to drive you around in my sweet ride?

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

How fun! Love your truck. I totally want one.

Kayleen said...


SummShine said...


Robyn said...

Joann, ask her if it is a manual before you take that ride. She tends to freak out and leave those pesky 5 speeds in the middle of intersections if any cute boys happen to be nearby. :-)

Ella said...

I do like that truck!!! What did you give for it?

Anonymous said...

That truck is totally sweet. The guy that sold it to you must be the nicest, hottest guy in the world!

Unknown said...

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