Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh, for the love.

Remember yesterday's cookies? Not so yummy. In fact, when all was said and done I only ate two. Maybe if you suffer from anorexia then you're thinking two is a lot, but the rest of the stay-at-home mommy world know that two cookies from an entire batch is exercising seriously self-control. Except, there wasn't much to control because those cookies tasted one step up from butt.

Tammy, the other momiva (mom+diva), took pity on my motheticness (mom+patheticness) and brought over the yummiest cookies seen here:

Notice there are only four on the plate. Um, that's because I may or may not have eaten two or quite a bit more. Even without Betty Crocker's assimilated frosting product, they tasted divine.

And then, to top off my evening. I got to shoot me a hunky senior in front of my TRUCK!

Truck, truck, bo buck, banana fana fo TRUCK! I love it. And I love this cute senior boy...who is not nearly as cute as my main man, Mark! (That's alliteration for you babe cause I luv ya. wink)


JoMamma said...

Erin- you are out of control with blog posts. I'm glad you got some good cookies because butt cookies do not sound very good.

Kayleen said...

yum! can you share the recipe?

tammy said...

Crouching Senior, Hidden Cookies. 'Cause you ate them all.....

Fullmer Family said...

Your blog makes me smile.

kellieanne said...

I can't believe I just read your blog post out loud and didn't say truck to a room full of teenagers. Thanks Erin. I just swore the bad one.

BUT - I love, love, LOVE all the pictures of Carson. You are so awesomely gifted!

i'm erin. said...

Kellie! Seriously? ha ha...That is the best story in the entire world.

Jaime said...

Erin, that's a REALLY good picture of cookies. Good job, you little food photographer, you!

Unknown said...

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