Thursday, September 16, 2010

lots to learn.

Tonight my dad and I went to the Pictureline Digitalfest. We sat in a room of 200 other photogs, and listened to an amazing photographer/cinematographer speak about the industry, the changes that are being made, and what's exciting about cameras now. As he spoke, I seriously had a Joey moment where I could hear the words coming out of his mouth, but it just registered as, "blah, blah, blah, camera, blah."

I wasn't bored. I was overwhelmed. Seriously, I-a-stupid-head-overwhelmed. I felt as though I'd never picked up a camera in my life. He was using jargon that I'd never spoke. So, I'm here to officially tell you that I know nothing about photography. Well, maybe a little something. But if photography is an iceberg, than I only know what's on the tip. And that's a big maybe.

Now I feel like:
1. I must run out and buy a newer, fancier, costlier camera.
2. I might vomit.
3. I've seriously overlooked the art of cinematography.
4. I have to move to Cali, enroll in film school, and make me a MOVIE!

Luv, erin


tammy said...

Oohhh.......I love cinematography. Sounds like an amazing time! It's all about the details!

Julianne said...

This is me talking you down from the ledge: Stop it! You're doing great where you are. You will learn more as you go along, step by step, and you will not miss out on something big and important and life-changing. Your train will always be at the station when you need it, okay? So calm down and go write a book instead.

Maman Pélissié said...

Oh no. What new camera would you choose?

SummShine said...

Wow, that person did a good job of marketing. Remember, it isn't the equipment that makes you good, it is your artistic eye. Some of my favorite images have come from a 'Holga' a completely plastic camera you can pick up for about $25. Of course I would still love to have some new expensive cameras that have video capabilities too.

JoMamma said...

I do not approve of this ad. I am in no way support your thoughts of moving to CA. Just so you know some people just use big words to make them feel better than other people. I'm sure that is exactly what the teacher was doing. He probably has really low self-esteem. Don't let him bully you. You are amazing.

Leash42 said...

you can sign up for classes when you buy your Mac...$99.00 for a whole can go as many times as you want...their great...

Unknown said...

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